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Things that Make Sydney A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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Every destination has a unique feeling; be it a sunset viewpoint, a blossom covered market, a unique garden, historic buildings, adventure, greatrestaurants or bars with live music. And, when it’s about planning the most romantic and unforgettable holiday of your life – your Honeymoon, you will surely want to choose a destination that not only touches your soul but also brings you closer to your partner.

Here are a few reasons that make Sydney the best place to explore, to indulge yourselves and to create a truly memorable honeymoon .

City Attractions are Many

Surprisingly Sydney although a relatively new city does offer a fair amount of history. It combines modern with old, traditional with the avant garde. Discuss with your partner your different interests and then try and cover both of your chosen attractions. Perhaps you could visit the excellent musuems, art galleries and cutural attractions such as the world famous Sydney Opera House. There is far more to Sydney than just attractive sandy beaches. Sydney has countless thrilling attractions for a day trip, the most famous ones being the Capitol Theatre , St Mary’s Cathedral, Harbour Bridge, and the Hyde Park Sydney Tower etc.

Buzzing Nightlife

Sydney has  a lot of small, romantic bars that allow you to enjoy an unforgettable cocktail while offering personal space to cuddle up and many hours to talk without disturbance late into the night. Eau de Vie in Darlinghurst is efficient, stylish and dark contemporary day bar where you can talk and drink. Other good choices include Grandma’s in CBD, Archie Rose in Rosebery, Golden Age under the Surry Hills street and Goblin on Summer Hill. But, if you and your partner are party animals and you like to dance and drink all night, then we suggest a visit to Oxford Street, which is the centre of entertainment and nightlife in Sydney.

Couple Friendly Outdoor Activities

Strengthen your connection by participating in several activities together. You can try Stand Up Paddle activity or a lovely cycling trail at any of the many beach locations. If you both love adventure, perhaps you could try a jet boat ride for an unforgettable experience. A scenic view of the World Blue Mountains from a glass floor cable car hang above a steep gorge is the ultimate experience. You can also explore Port Stephens and swim with dolphins together.Another incredible experience which will make your honemoon unforgettable.

Great Scenery and Nature

Sydney is the mixture of gorgeous coastline and beautiful scenery.  From the lovely seashore and buzzing Cape Solander to the dazzling blue waters of Sydney Harbour where you can see majestic whales, the remarkable landscape around Sydney offers you endless romantic days out with your partner. You can also visit the famous Blue Mountains from Sydney. You can use Yatra Coupons to book your flight, hotels etc. to cut down the extra cost these extras.

Sydney’s Varied Food Culture

What can be more indulgent and romantic than having a dinner in an open restaurant that offers you a 360 degree scenic view of the whole city? Sydney has many tasteful dining choices that will amaze your partner with a huge variety of cuisines. The 360 Bar and Dining is one of them. If you are into the street scene more than the restaurant scene then you can try the funky street trucks for some mouth-watering food. Sydney has many famous streets like Crown Street, Pacific Highway, Norton Street, Dixon Street and Glebe Point Road, which offer some of the best restaurants you could imagine.

Shop & Hop in Style

Touring to the markets of Sydney with your love adds a lot more fun to your shopping experience. You can learn a lot about each other on these trips! From buying things for your new house or clothing and accessories for each other, there are several markets in Sydney that you can explore. The Rocks Market, Surrey Hills Market, Paddy’s Market and many more markets that provide almost everything either of you could need or want.


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Things to see and do in Kingston, Jamaica


Everybody wants to travel to an exotic tropical setting for a fine vacation by the sea in the most desirable climate. There are not a lot of places on Earth that offer such a luxury to its vacationers, but there is one right under North American continent. Jamaica is one such travelling paradise between North and South Americas in the Caribbean that offers some amazing beaches and other tourism opportunities for all the travel mongers.

The capital city of Jamaica is Kingston. Lying on the southeastern coast of this beautiful island in the Caribbean, Kingston is one of the best tropical destinations in the world that has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are countless destinations to visit, along with some amazing things to do in this place such as visiting museums, parks, gardens, coffee shops, mountain hiking, observing exotic wildlife, and swimming in some of the most exotic white sand beaches. You can also enjoy ferry and cruise rides to observe marine life and some other island beaches in the surroundings as well. So plan a trip to Kingston, Jamaica and explore everything this city has to offer.

Kingston – A matchless destination in the Caribbean for you to visit

The natural harbour of Kingston and long white sand beaches are tempting for everyone to make this place a top spot to visit in their bucket list. With a unique landscape, this country possess a beauty that cannot be ignored. Jamaica is blessed with some amazing rivers, sea shores, beaches, waterfalls, cultural cities, islands, and some amazing places which we want you to see when visiting this island country. This article will tell you about some of these amazing spots. So read on, find more about these places and do include them on your list of things to see and do when vacationing in Kingston, Jamaica.

How to reach there?

Travelling in Jamaica is easy than you can even imagine. This city is equipped with 2 airports. The Norman Manley International Airport serves as the chief airport for all the international flights inbound from Europe, North and South Americas. Tinson Pen Aerodrome serves as the domestic airport for Jamaica. Due to its ever-growing tourism sector, Jamaica has become a centre for all the international airline carriers. But your overall trip can be expensive due to infinite reasons. So it is suggested that you use the services of renowned travel agents in the UK. They can provide you with the cheapest flight ticket to Kingston, Jamaica along with appropriate accommodation, and other travelling transfers. So be wise and find discounts here and there when travelling to this wonderland.

Things to do and see in Kingston, Jamaica

The capital of Jamaica has a lot to offer. There is a Bob Marley Museum in the city centre, which also happens to be the home of the world’s most famous reggae singer. There is also a colonial-era mansion nearby that you can visit to see its exotic decoration. This city has also some amazing waterfalls, gardens and a zoo that houses exotic flora and fauna. The downtown of the city also displays contemporary Jamaican art. One of the best destinations in this city is a 17th century pirate museum in the legendary city of Port Royal known as Fort Charles. There is a lot to be seen and done in Kingston, and you need to continue reading to known more. So read this article, and find the best details of this place so that you know all about it when you plan a trip to Jamaica.

Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum is committed to the celebration of life of the Reggae Musician Bob Marley. Bob Marley is known all over the world for his music. There are millions of people around the world who still listen to the legendary singer, and are devoted to his work. This museum is situated at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6. We highly recommend our readers to pay their respect to Bob Marley by visiting the home turned museum of the iconic artist.

Fort Charles

Fort Charles was constructed around the 1650s, and today it delivers a great way to learn about some history of Jamaica. This fort houses a museum, as well as some guided tours for tourists. As discussed earlier in this article, this fort used to serve pirates of the Caribbean. They operated from this fort for a long time. So if you want a piece of real Pirates of the Caribbean, do visit this place.

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is a small island near the coastline of Kingston. This island has an amazing white sand beach, along with some timbered areas for cooking and shelter. It is a perfect getaway from the busy streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

National Heroes Park

National Heroes Park of Jamaica serves as a park and the final resting place for many Jamaican heroes. You can visit this place to pay some esteem for the people of this country.

National Gallery of Jamaica

National Gallery of Jamaica is an art’s joint in Kingston, Jamaica. This place also offers some amazing exhibits from other parts of the Caribbean along with displaying creative work of different local artists. You can find guided tours of this Gallery.

Fort Clarence Beach Park

Jamaica has a lot of seashores, and some of them are in its capital city. Fort Clarence Beach Park is one prodigious place to visit and enjoy a wonderful time in the turquoise water.

Hellshire Beach

Hellshire is an additional beach in Kingston. We highly vouch for this place due to its beautiful landscape and serene environment.

Cane River Falls

Cane River Falls is an attractive place to visit in Kingston Jamaica. Bathing in its unspoiled waters is a must do activity for everyone. This site has some amazing views, so don’t forget to take a few pictures there. You can also rent a guide to improve your travelling experience.

Coronation Market of Jamaica

Spending time in finding your desired items at Coronation Market of Jamaica is a must. Here you can purchase Jamaican goods as gifts and souvenirs at the best prices possible.

Rio Cobre

Rio Cobre is a river in Jamaica. The best-known fact about this river is that it has no or unidentified source. This fact makes it a special destination to visit.

Maiden Cay

Maiden Cay is a comprehensive beach in Kingston, Jamaica. You can go there on a yacht or a boat, and enjoy what this small island beach has to offer. This place is certainly for people who love swimming in clean blue waters and melt their feet in the white sand.

Falling Edge Waterfalls

Falling Edge Waterfalls is recognized as one of the best-kept enigmas of Jamaica. This place is like a fairy-tale with breathtaking beautiful sceneries. We highly endorse all our visitors to go there and relish what this place has to offer.


Guest Post by Yougeshwar

How to Be a Travel Writer in Africa

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Africa is richly endowed with varying cultures and customs. However, only a few talented people can take on writing jobs and tell the true story of a continent that has seen it all. Therefore, before you can start writing a story on your travel in Africa, it is important to ask vital questions such as the following:

  • What is there to see in the African continent?

  • How do I write a travel story that everyone will love?

  • Which side of Africa should I project to the world?

The above questions can go on and on forever, but without the right tips on how to be a travel writer living in Africa, getting started with a moving literary piece can be painstakingly difficult.  Hopefully if you are African you will be telling stories from the perspective of a local living in any of the vast regions of the continent. But whether you hail from South Africa, Libya, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt or Nigeria, being able to tell a great story boils down to the following:

  • You need a platform

First off, you aren’t going to write for yourself. You need to have a platform through which you can reach readers. In this age of the internet, creating a website or blog is everyone’s first choice. However, print can still do. If you are an ardent reader of African stories, high chances are you already learn a lot about the continent through books. Think about ‘Dreams from My Father.’ A novel by former U.S president Barack Obama  gives you an African story from inside out right up to the very top.

  • Identify an area of interest

There is so much to write about Africa that you are truly spoilt for choice. From traditions, colonial history, economic activities, political establishments, religion to customs, becoming a successful an African travel writer should be premised on taking a stand on an issue. It is all what identifying a niche to explore.

  • Learn a language or two

Some of the Africa’s writing greats like the late Chinua Achebe from Nigeria made sure to tell a story in a way that everyone would say ‘that is an African write telling a story in the best of his knowledge.’ His literary pieces were never devoid of local dialect and names, yet they made great sense in different parts of the world. The catch here is that whether you choose to express yourself in a few lines using Swahili, Yoruba, Zulu or Buganda, including using names of Africans as the main characters in a travel story, learning a few languages of locals will make your authentic.

  • Talk about great physical/geographic features unique to Africa

Africa plays host to diversity of cultures in particular. But again, the continent is richly endowed with all the wonders of Mother Nature. It means, if you are to become an African travel writer, your story would be incomplete without mentioning a trip across the Sahara, Zambezi River, The Nile, Egyptian Pyramids, Cape of Good Hope, Mara River and Wildebeest Migration in Kenya, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Victorian Falls in Zimbabwe and others. It will always depend on where your journey takes you.

Final words

Writing about a trip around Africa should be an interesting experience provided you take the above tips into consideration. If you are a freelancer who wishes to launch a successful career in travel writing there is no better place than Africa;  it is a place of magic, beauty, history, politics, culture, food, music and so much more –  a brilliant source of material for all writers.

Guest Post by Liana Simmons

Summer Beach Holidays

As June approaches most people are busy dreaming about their big summer holiday. After a long cold winter and a lot of hard work, most of us sun-starved Brits are dreaming of some relaxation in the warm sunshine with a bit of a dip in the sea if we are lucky.

So where are you going this year? If you haven’t booked anywhere yet why not try something a little bit different this year – how about Mauritius or the Seychelles or Zanzibar?  We have some truly stunning 4 and 5 star beach resorts on offer for prices that are comparable to the Mediterranean but with better beaches, better weather, better sea temperatures, better food and better facilities and scenery. What’s not to like?


A large and lush green island that sits off the coast of  South Africa in the Indian Ocean, this is a great destination for those looking for large beach resorts with excellent facilities and great day trips. The beaches are soft white sand lined by palm trees and the stunning mountain ranges that are scattered around the island. The water is crystal clear and as warm as a bath and perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving. Mauritius has an interesting Creole culture and history which makes for some great excursions into the island to see the towns and villages. We have a wide range of accommodation from romantic getaways for honeymooners to fantastic family hotels with kids clubs and plenty of watersports. Why not take a look at Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel which is adult only and perfect for honeymooners or Long Beach Resort which is great for families?


Now if you fancy pushing the boat out and really revelling in a bit of luxury then an island in the Seychelles would probably suit you. There are many different islands and resorts to chose from including tiny little private islands to larger islands with bigger resorts boasting all sorts of facilities from spas and tennis to scuba diving and sailing. All are luxurious and surrounded by absolutely stunning scenery. The beaches of course are the main draw with the softest white sand imaginable and clear warm turquoise water surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful coral reefs.  Choosing which resort to pick can be tricky as they are all wonderful but if you really can’t make up your mind you could even do a couple of different islands and resorts on our island hopping option.


The evocatively named Spice Island sits just off the coast of Tanzania and works very well as a beach extension to a safari in either Kenya or Tanzania. However Zanzibar also works very well as a stand-alone beach destination. There is wide range of accommodation on the island from historic hotels in the Unesco World Heritage Site of Stone Town to small boutique resorts tucked away in quiet locations to large modern beach resorts with the full range of watersports and all inclusive packages.  For honeymooners or those looking for a bit of privacy we can recommend a private villa such as those at Zanzibar White Sandy Luxury Villas and Spa which are truly stunning and even have outdoor bathrooms and hanging beds.

If you want some more information you can find all our beach options under the lodge library on our homepage or just follow the link. If you would simply like some advice or to book a great summer getaway with guaranteed sunshine and some of the world’s best beaches then give us a call!

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Activity Holidays in Africa

Did you know that Sport Relief ( is coming up soon on the 18th March 2016? We are big supporters of this charity for the vitally important work they do in Africa. Have you made a donation yet? Or are you taking part in a sporting event at the weekend?

On the theme of sports and getting fit we thought we would take a look at some sports that you can do whilst on holiday in Africa. Africa is not just about safaris you know – it is actually a fantastic place for a sporting holiday.

In fact many top athletes head off to Africa to do their training. Marathon runners in particular head into the high hills of the Western Great Rift Valley in Kenya to make the most of training at altitude and hope to become as fit as the world beating athletes that grew up there such as Wilson Kipsang . Other athletes head to Africa to make the most of the wonderful climate and the training facilities that can be found across the continent.

For the truly energetic you could base yourself in the gorgeous Drakensburg Mountains of South Africa. These mountains provide a stunning backdrop to all kinds of sporting activities including hiking, rock climbing, mountain-biking, white-water rafting, horse-riding and kayaking. A stay at Cathedral Peak would put you in the heart of the action and the hotel can organise most of these activities for you.

Those of you who fancy something more sedate might think about golf. South Africa is home to some of the best golf courses and championship venues in the world. There are just too many to mention but I have highlighted a few of the best. On the Garden Route you can play golf at Mossel Bay with stunning views over the sea and Fancourt is another well-known golf resort in the area that can be combined with a holiday in this area. If the Cape Winelands appeal more then you can play at Stellenbosch making the most of the excellent dining and wine in this area. Cape Town is also home to many great courses so you could combine a city break in this wonderful and vibrant city with your favourite pastime. Up in Sun City near Johannesburg you have the option of playing on the fabulous Gary player course or the famous Palace of the Lost City course. This would work really well with a safari in the Kruger National Park or Pilanesburg as both are close by.

If water-sports are more your thing then how about scuba diving in Mozambique or swimming in the warm waters of Zanzibar. Deep sea fishing or sport fishing is also widely available in both these places. Windsurfing, sailing and sea-kayaking are available at some of the larger hotels and resorts along the Kenyan and Tanzanian coasts.  And South Africa is one of the best places in the world for surfing. Try the resorts on the Garden Route.

If gentle exercise is more your cup of tea then how about a walking safari in Zambia? Or a stay in a nature reserve in South Africa such as De Hoop where you can get out walking with a guide every day or swim in the pool or play tennis? These are a fantastic way to see the wonderful wildlife but also to keep you mobile and fit and healthy at the same time.

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