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BBC’s Big Cat Diary: Update 2 on Shakira the cheetah mum

This is an extract taken from a game-viewing report from Governors Camp in the Masai Mara, the base for the BBC crew when filming the diaries. It is reporting January 2009:

Shakira is thriving, as are her three healthy cubs who are six months old. She is frequently hunting Thomson gazelles and their fawns and reedbuck.

All three cubs still alive – quite a feat!

BBC’s Big Cat Diary: Update on Shakira

For those of you who enjoyed the BBC’s autumn series “The Big Cat Diaries”, perhaps you would be interested in an update on the cubs and cats featured?

The Star of the show was the female Cheetah Shakira as she struggled to bring up a big brood of cubs. Well, the good news is that she still has the three cubs alive that were there during the last programme. They are now 4 months old and doing well. As important, Shakira is finding them a constant supply of food by picking off Thomson gazelles whenever necessary.

The three nomadic male cheetahs that had that amazing stand-off with Shakira when she successfully defended her cubs against them are also well, last seem a few days ago with a young wildebeest. They have not interacted with Shakira again.

The Marsh Pride of lions are also well, their young growing rapidly. They are currently living near to the airstrip for Governors Camp which gives the visitors a spectacular arrival!

Lions for dinner

Everybody wants to see lions when they go on safari. Ideally, they would like to see lions making a kill but this is a fairly rare occurrence. Not so for clients staying at the Kicheche Bush Camp in the Masai Mara, Kenya at the end of September. Having returned from a day of game-watching they were just showering or enjoying a cool sundowner in the bar, when lions chased a wildebeest through camp, past the camp fire before catching it beside the adjacent safari vehicle park. The clients met for dinner in the Mess tent as usual (accompanied by armed Masai guards!) and watched the lions eating and watching them eating. Seems only fair really.