Spectacular bathrooms – Africa’s safari lodges do not disappoint

 Chinzombo, Zambia

With incredible sweeping views across the South Luangwa River, deep within the wilds of South Luangwa National Park, Norman Carr’s newest safari camp, Chinzombo, is a triumph of design and most deserving if its 2014 Safari Award for Best New Camp.

Set in the shade of ancient trees each of the five architect designed, luxurious villas are suspended within a steel frame, tantalisingly elevated above the bush and river beyond allowing guests to soak up the panoramic views at their leisure. Circular bedrooms are  made from thatch grasses harvested responsibly only a few kilometres from the site, while bathroom walls are made from natural canvas from a company only using sustainably sourced materials. The plumbing fittings throughout combine the latest in watersaving technology and adhere to a strict code of responsible water usage allowing you to bathe without a guilty conscience. In addition, to add to Chinzombo’s’ eco-credentials, rainwater is collected from the near-flat roof over the lounge, dining and library area. Bathrooms lead to a wide private deck and plunge pool – the perfect place to watch the game come to bathe and drink at the river.

Kaya Mawa, Lake Malawi

Hidden away on the green slopes of Likoma Island, Kaya Mawa on Lake Malawi is a wonderful romantic retreat. Each room or house is individually styled with the bathrooms a real statement. Deep stone baths, open-air showers, lots of candles and a spectacular view add to the magic.
Kaya Mawa means ‘maybe tomorrow’ in local Chewa language which seems very appropriate as you can literally sink into a deep bubble bath and watch the world sail
by.This is a place where long lazy days in the sunshine and on the white sandy shore of Lake Malawi will forever be indelibly etched in your mind.

Zarafa, Botswana

There aren’t many places in the world as special as Zarafa. So special that is has won Best Safari Property in Africa for the second year in a row at the 2014 Safari Awards. Zarafa captures old school romance beautifully. A deep copper bathtub takes centre stage in the wonderfully romantic bathroom, which also offers indoor and outdoor shower. A large brazier warms the bathroom in the cooler months.
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