The Real Africa YouTube channel passes 500,000 views

Well, who’d have thought it? When I head off to Kenya in 2008 with a basic video camera and an even more basic grasp on which way to point it, I didn’t expect that our fledgling YouTube channel would grow to be one of the most successful travel channels in the UK. This week it went though 500,000 views, with nearly 400 subscribers.

Over the years the camera work may have got better but we’ve always tried to keep it authentic. The footage is all taken by our staff, guides or clients, there is no professional footage. We want our videos to show how it really is, not through a rose-tinted lens.

We’ve got footage taken on video cameras and phones, drones and night trap cameras. Our guides now have cameras so they can record some of the amazing things they see. This is reflected in the number of views we get and at this rate it won’t be long until we get to 1 million views. Many thanks to all our subscribers, we hope we can continue to keep you entertained and educated on the Real Africa.

So of all our videos, which are the ones we like best..

Most popular:

What noise does a cheetah make?

This video was taken in the Masai Mara in 2013 by Rob’s daughter who thought the noise was so cute. Currently our most popular video.

Most viewed:

Safari animals of Kenya.

Our first video, taken in 2008, and still popular, despite the rather dated picture quality..

Our favourite:

Elephant using a stick to give itself a pedicure.

Sometimes its the unusual things that are the most memorable. Lily took this video in Amboseli of an elephant that had just come out of the marsh. The care it took to get the stick in just the right position to scrape the mud out from between her toes is incredible.


We have lots more videos planned for this year. Why not subscribe to the Real Africa Video channel to make sure you don’t miss any?


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