What happens when lions come to tea?

Everyone knows the children’s story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, but now there is a new version, as recounted by the staff of Robin Pope’s Tena Tena Camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa.

Thanks to Robin Pope for sharing. This is a great story!

“Mabvuto, one of the waiters at Tena Tena Camp recently had a dramatic start to the day. The 4.30am routine was all going according to plan – the fire was laid, the water was in the kettle and the plates were out. That was on Mabvuto  first trip to the camp fire. Then on his second trip he discovered that he had been joined by a pride of 16 lions!! Umm what to do? He hung back and watched as the cubs decided to tip over the plates and play with them, then one of them fancied a nice cup of warm water,  so Mabvuto watched as the cub took the kettle off the fire (let me say the fire wasn’t yet lit) and not realising its own strength pierced the kettle! The lions then appeared to get bored of this game and sauntered off – or so Mabvuto thought. Armed with his broom he went to sort out the mess but soon found himself being curiously approached by one of the cubs so the broom was abandoned and knowing not to run for fear of the curiosity turning into a game, Mabvuto nonchalantly wandered into the bar. Sadly for Mabvuto the curiosity continued and his only route out of trouble was to climb the central pole of the bar and sit up at the very top whilst waiting for the lions to get bored and move off! Needless to say he was somewhat flustered when Christabel arrived at breakfast having no idea of what had just occurred!”

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