Our Projects

Partnerships to Protect the Wild

Between 2015 and 2020 we successfully funded projects in 10 different countries worldwide - seven of these in the continent of Africa. 

Many of the projects we partner with are frontline and have specific, time-sensitive needs. We work with a range of vulnerable species.

Our most ambitious project to date raised $50,000 USD to establish a new working dogs programme in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo for African Parks. As part of an extensive law enforcement programme this has resulted in a 90% drop in elephant poaching. 

In addition to the Garamba dog unit, we have also funded four additional conservation K9s for specific rhino conservation areas in Africa (Drum, Primaa, Savas and Valla).

In recent years we have also started working on specific projects in Asia including a project with Tapanuli orangutans in Indonesia and several tiger projects both in Indonesia and India.

Not all projects are frontline. We have also started working on rescue and rehabilitation. For example in 2020 we partnered with Animals Asia . We pledged to fund rescue operations for moon bears held captive by the bear bile trade in Vietnam.  By rescuing the bears they could be given proper medical attention and the chance for a happier and healthier life at the Animals Asia Bear Sanctuary. We ended up donating over £17,000 GBP and this rescue fund has already funded the rescue of eleven moon bears.

All projects we work with are carefully assessed and costed and there are tangible results. 



Image credits: Garamba National Park, African Parks; Manta Ray, Manta Trust; Moon Bear, Animals Asia

21 For 21

21 For 21 is a campaign to champion the work of 21 conservation projects from around the world.

We’ve partnered with projects from Brazil to Borneo, representing many species and wild spaces from the forests to the oceans. In each case, human activity is the biggest driver of destruction. This unique initiative gives YOU the opportunity to contribute to worldwide conservation – just £21 supports all 21 projects. To find out more about each project and how they need our support more than ever right now, please visit our Project Directory here.