Fish River Canyon

Black eagles enjoy the thermal updrafts at Fish River canyon and you'll find fascinating desert adapted plants thriving in this unique eco system. Rare mountain zebra and elusive klipspringer, oryx and kudu roam the remote valleys and side canyons, whilst Cape clawless otter, fish eagle and other water-loving species inhabit the permanent pools along the river.

The geology of the canyon is as fascinating as the archaeology and for the expert or the curious, there is much to discover and learn. Ancient pictoglyph sites are in abundance as are Stone Age tools, a reminder of those who wandered the landscape and took refuge at permanent water holes in this harsh terrain thousands of years ago.

For the more energetic, there are long walks along the rim of the Canyon and sundowner trails where you can watch the sun set whilst sipping a glass of champagne.

Qualified guides can take you hiking down into the heart of the Canyon or serve lunch at a permanent waterhole on the Fish River.
For guests who want time to relax, you can sit on the deck of our favourite spot, the Fish River Lodge and enjoy the breath taking views from morning to midnight, when the stars twinkle more brightly than any other place on earth.