Nyerere National Park

Selous Game Reserve is located in south-east Tanzania and in its complete form is the largest wildlife reserve in Africa. It covers 5% of all Tanzania, over 50,000 square kilometres and has within its boundaries a huge diversity of terrain and habitat.

Because of its size and location, there is a true feeling of wilderness here. In 2019 the northern sector was carved out into the new Nyerere National Park - the park is a centre for ecotourism with just a handful of small, exclusive tented camps.

The most striking feature of the reserve is the Rufiji River Delta, a large area of wetland that is home to a variety of animals and birds. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa, a paradise for the photographer. There is a real tropical feel with sand islands and palm forests sitting alongside savannah. The reserve itself is geographically close to Dar es Salaam, on the humid coastal plateau.

In the Delta the Rufiji River meets with another, the Great Ruaha River, to create a fascinating system of waterways. This includes the Stigglers Gorge.

With plenty of hippos and elephant enjoying the abundant water and lush grazing, there is plenty of large game to view. Because of this abundance, there is also a good population of lions, as well as cheetah and leopards. It is still home to the endangered black rhino and has large herds of many of the grazers. Because of its position in the south of East Africa, it offers the bird-watcher an interesting mixture of both Eastern and Southern African birds.

Activities include boating, walking, unforgettable fly-camping experiences and safaris in custom vehicles. The variety of activities, high standard of camps and guiding and the scenic appeal of the park makes this a really fantastic place to holiday.

We woud receommend 3-4 nights here. The watery world of Nyerere combines brilliantly with the baobab studded, more arid and classic safari destination of Ruaha National Park further to the west - known for it's incredible wildlife.

The beaches of Zanzibar or a trip to Mafia Island are easily combined with the Southern Parks.

Safaris visiting this attraction

9 days
From £3395
Selous & Spice

This holiday combines the vast southern park of Nyerere, with the beautiful Spice Island of Zanzibar.

9 days
From £3895
Selous & Spice in Style

A luxury fly-in combining Tanzania's wild Nyerere with the white beaches of Zanzibar.