Private Islands

Bird Island - 100km from Mahe, Bird Island is a 170 acre private island famous guessed it - it's birds. From sooty and fairy terns to noddies and tropicbirds, this is a real paradise for nesting birds in the north of the archipelago. There are also hawksbill and green turtles and a small community of giant tortoises. Accommodation is in the simple Bird Island Lodge chalets on the west coast - there are 24 chalets - you won't find air con or phones or TVs but you will have the chance to explore this rich ecosystem. Activities range from snorkelling and swimming to walking and meeting the scientists and conservationists resident on the island. Bird is half the price of many of the other private islands and reached by flight from Mahe.

Denis Island - Denis is one of our absolute favourite options for an island escape in the Seychelles. The 370 acre island is 60km north of Mahe and reached by scheduled flight. The island offers the ideal blend of wild island, comfort and affordability (as private island stays go)! There are 25 lovely cottages with open air bathrooms. You can join the rangers as they monitor the nesting turtles, learn about breeding and tagging projects or explore on your own, walking, cycling and snorkelling.

Felicite - home to the Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Felicite is a beautiful island just off La Digue and 30 miles from Mahe. The island is reached by boat from Praslin or la Digue or by helicopter from Mahe. As would expect from Six Senses there are beautiful villas here and a good range of activities.

Desroche - the new Four Seasons is due to open on Desroche at the end of 2017, early 2018. We can't wait! Desroche is in the Amirantes Islands, a 35 minute flight southwest of Mahé. Boasting 14 kilometres of pristine white-sand beaches, lush coconut groves, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, the island is a remote and tranquil oasis just five degrees south of the equator. There will be 40 exclusive beach suites and 11 private residence villas. With direct access to unspoiled beaches and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Resort’s suites will also feature private plunge pools, tropical gardens and luxurious outdoor living spaces. We are excited to hear there will be a Marine Conservation Discovery Centre and Giant Tortoise Sanctuary.

North - regarded as many as 'the' private island - this is where William and Catherine spent their honeymoon. You'll find just 10 vast villas and everything you could possibly wish for. North is part of the Wilderness portfolio and has a strong conservation ethos which you can see in action. North is accessed by helicopter flights from Mahe - the island sits next door to Silhouette, to the north of Mahe.

Fregate - another incredibly exclusive island boasting 7 gloriouss beaches and with just 16 residences. Notably they have over 2000 free roaming giant Aldabra tortoises here while the island is an important breeding ground for the Seychelles Magpie Robin and Hawksbill turtle. The island is accessed by helicopter transfer from Mahe.