Rift Valley Lakes including Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous lake in Kenya.
Whilst Lake Nakuru is a pretty park with good game viewing, its small size and location (proximity to Nairobi, on the main route for safaris visiting both the north and Masai Mara) does lay it open to being rather busy and over-crowded.
Nakuru is most well- known for its flocks of flamingos. However with rising water levels and changes in alkalinity, the flamingos fled in 2014, favouring other Rift Valley Lakes such as Bogoria. This had a huge impact on the park and it is only in recent years (2021/2022) that good numbers of flamingos have returned so it is important to understand that their presence is not guaranteed. Our current feeling is that this area feels less and less wild and due to water levels, it is increasingly tricky to explore. If seeing the flamingos is your priority for visiting this area then please do let us know and speak to us about it.

Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake with many birds and hippos in the shallows. This is a key agricultural area with many farms and orchards thriving on the fertile soil. It feels increasingly urban. You can go for boat rides on the lake, visit local schools or take in the views on horseback but we prefer to be further north at quieter and prettier Lake Elementaita.

Lake Elementeita
This shallow soda lake is to the south east of Nakuru and is much less developed.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve
Water levels have risen at Lake Borgoria and much of the road around the lake is now under water. The lake is quite a bit further north than Nakuru.