If you love adventures and exploring new places, traveling is full of decisions. From the time you decide to leave your home till the time you are back, every little decision will help you become a better traveler. People travel the whole world for many reasons, some of those would include exploring beautiful road destinations or indulging in some outdoor activities in nature or even planning the perfect African safari, the reasons are endless. No matter where you go, there are some essentials that you must have to make your journey easier and less stressful. Here we are with some of the most clever travel trips that will make you a better traveler in every possible way.


Masks and Sanitizers 

While we are living in the world of the coronavirus pandemic. Even as things are gradually improving, a mask and sanitizer is a crucial and essential tool. As you travel, you will get to interact with various people from the minute you step out of your home. With different regulations set by governments to keep the virus at bay such as social distancing, a mask and sanitizer will be your best friend during your trip in post covid times.


Convert Money 

Most people love travelling overseas, exploring different cultures and witnessing breathtaking views in the world. Being able to manage your finances through the currencies you may come across is important. The last thing you would want is spending over your budget for your trip. Planning ahead, such as using a currency converter, will help you keep track of your expenses. 


Stash Your Cash

As much as travelling is fun and an exciting experience, you must safely stash your cash in your belongings and in person. By doing so, you can avoid getting nipped by a crafty thief. Find different ways to hide your cash such as hiding it in your socks, sunglasses containers, zipped clothings, or even in your bra. These are some examples that you can consider in keeping your money safe.


Dress for the Weather 

Exploring new places means encountering new weather climates. So to avoid getting sunburnt or shivering in the cold, you must choose your clothing accordingly. Whether you are headed to the beach or trekking up a mountain, ensure that you dress accordingly to avoid falling ill. If you are visiting another country, follow the weather updates so you carry along the right stuff for your journey and trip in a foreign land. 


Get Travel Insurance 

Travel insurances are extremely beneficial as it helps you save money if anything goes wrong. In fact, some countries have made it compulsory for travelers to carry travel insurance when visiting their country. Travel insurance can help if you need any medical attention, lose your luggage during your travel or any other issues that may arise during your journey. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, their affiliate programs allow you to claim 50% commission of the brokerage fee. Want to know more about tripadvisor affiliate, read on here.


Use a Map 

Remember when you visit another country for the first time, you are a tourist and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. Using a physical map or a map on your mobile phone will help you navigate the land. The last thing you want is being lost during your trip or entering the wrong neighbourhood. So make sure that you always have a map of your place you are visiting in handy.


Avoid Instagram Famous Locations 

Instagram famous locations may be on your bucket list but visiting these places can be quite stressful. Due to its popularities the chances of herds of people flocking to visit these sites are very high. If you are someone who prefers enjoying your trips in peace and harmony, these famous locations are the last places you would want to be. So choose your destination wisely and travel during the least crowded time.


Know your Hotel Details 

Visiting a destination you have never witnessed before will always keep you alert of your surroundings. Memorizing your hotel details for your stay or noting it down on your smartphone or a paper is important. Ensure that your hotel room is booked before you leave your home and confirm the hotel’s information such as phone number and address. This will help you reach your hotel smoothly and not get lost in the new city. 


Camera Essentials 

If you are someone who loves outdoor photography, then without a doubt you must carry the essentials on your day trips. Remember to carry extra batteries, memory cards, tripod, different lens, earphones, laptop and so much more. Remember to charge your batteries every time you leave your hotel room so that you don’t miss out on capturing some of the most amazing views you will witness. 


Passport Copies

Keeping track of your belongings at times can be challenging. One of the most essential belongings that you have when visiting another country is your passport. If by any chance you happen to lose your passport, keeping 3-4 copies of your passport throughout your backpacks is important. You can also save your passport copy on your smartphone or back it up on a drive that can be easily accessed from any device. 


While there are countless travel tips available out there. These 10 tips will help you be a better traveler and help you make wise decisions during your trip in being safe and having a great time!