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Planning is everything especially when you have limited time. Many people today focus on how they can head out for holidays either solo or with family and make the most of the time and money they have. When you are heading for African safari holidays you need to focus on how you want to spend your days out in the wilderness and what sights you want to see. This is essential because a lot requires booking and reserving your tickets especially when you are visiting national parks and private game reserves. 

For this, you need to think ahead and focus on how you can come up with better plans that meet your expectations and preferences. If you are not a good planner you can let experts like Wildfoot Travel curate your holidays. However, if you are good at planning you can make your custom itinerary which can help you optimize your African safari holidays.

Here are 7 tips on how to plan your itinerary when heading for African safari holidays.

Know What You Want

One of the key things that you must focus on before you start planning is what you want. Different people have different preferences and requirements. Hence, you must have clarity on why you want to head for an African safari, what you want to do, how you want to spend your time and how much you want to spend on it. These questions are critical because the rest of the planning depends on what you want from the tour. You may want to take your time to conclude. If you are heading for an African safari with your family you would also want to consider their preferences and expectations that would allow you to make the right choices. 

Pick the Right Destinations

When you are thinking of African safaris you will find plenty of destinations to choose from. However, different countries would offer you different experiences. Hence, you must be clear about what you like would see the most, what activities you want to do and so on. Kenya certainly remains one of the top choices but you can also look forward to other countries like Tanzania and Zambia. Also, if you are interested in mokoro rides in the shallow waters you can head to Botswana. If you are heading for an African safari for the first time you may opt for South Africa which ensures excellent connectivity, accommodation and food. Hence, your choices will depend on what you want for your upcoming trip.

Focus on Weather

Weather can ruin your safari holiday plans and therefore you must also consider what time of the year you choose. While there are people who choose the wet season you would want to stick to the dry season for safety reasons. Different countries have different dry and wet seasons. If you are planning to head for a safari in the southern part of Africa you would want to visit from May to October. This covers countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. However, if you are visiting East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda you may prefer visiting from January to March and June to October. If you prefer whale watching in South Africa you can visit from July to November. On the other hand, if you are visiting Zambia to see Victoria Falls in full flood you should visit from February to July. Hence, you must be clear about the best times to take a safari to optimize your tour.

Choose the Right Accommodation

Based on what you want you must also focus on where you want to stay. African safari tours allow you to choose from a variety of hotels, lodges and camps that you can choose from. When you arrive and land in urban areas you can choose from various city hotels, boutique hotels, and guesthouses that come with breakfast settings. However, as you move inwards and head to national parks you can choose from safari lodges, bush camps and permanent tents that would offer you the right level of comfort. You can choose from modest to opulent safari lodges based on your preferences, requirements and budget. Some properties also come with age restrictions so make sure you check that before you book accommodations. 

Length of Visit

When you are planning safari holidays you must also focus on the total number of days you want to stay. This can directly influence your budget and the way you make your schedule. You should plan a safari holiday where you get to stay for at least one week without including your international travel days. This allows you to cover more places and national parks and provides you with experiences that will allow you to make memories. Also, once you know how many days you want to spend in Africa you can plan your trip. You must also keep in mind not to pack all days with outdoor activities which would only make you feel tired. Pace your holidays keeping in mind that you will need frequent breaks to enjoy and savor the experience.

Decide What Attractions to Cover

It would be hard to cover all the local attractions in a week or two even when you are visiting one African country. Hence, you must have clarity on what attractions you want to cover and which ones you want to skip. This is essential because it allows you to plan your schedule and move between those locations. For instance, a drive from Nairobi to Masai Mara National Reserve takes around six hours. This means that you will spend a good amount of time travelling from one location to another. Also, you can book national park tickets in advance or let your guide know about what you want to explore. If you have clarity on what places you want to see and skip you can create your tour itinerary effectively. 

Hire a Local Guide

Having someone local on your side can only help you make things better. Hiring a professional tour guide who is also local not only supports sustainable tourism but also helps you make the optimum use of your time. These professionals know about the national park’s timings and spots and that can help you improve your safari holidays whether you are alone or with family. They can also give you reliable and relevant information on how you can better your schedule. Hence, it provides you with a second perspective which can come in handy. These professionals can also share stories and trivia and that can only elevate your experiences and help you have a memorable African safari holiday.