What documents do you need to rent a car in Bulgaria?

We have created the list of documents required for car hire using the example of a good local service Myrentacar.com, which we use most often:

  • Driving license of any country. An IDP (International Driving Permit) is not required
  • The driver is at least 22 years old
  • The driving experience is at least 2 years
  • International passport. You must have it with you when you receive your car
  • Credit or debit card which you use to make an advanced payment
  • Money for making a deposit. It is required to be in local currency. For some car hire, no deposit is required

All these requirements may be different for international distributors. If you rent a car at an international car rental company, you need to read the contract very carefully and thoughtfully.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Bulgaria? Exact prices.

The price for car hire services depends mostly on the season (more expensive during the summer), the model of the car, and the duration of the lease. For example:

  • Renting a small car like the Volkswagen Polo in August for a week starts at about  20 euros per day
  • A middle-class car like the Toyota Corolla will cost from 39 euros per day.
  • A decent SUV Toyota Rav 4 will cost 45 euros per day
  • The luxury Tesla Model S will cost 170 euros per day
  • The cheap car hire at Bulgaria Airport will start from 19 Euros per day with a pick of Ford Fiesta

Naturally, prices are highly dependent on a particular rental company. So keep your time and find the best offer.

How to choose the right car? What you need to pay attention to?

There are several moments you need to consider when you hire a car in Bulgaria:

  • Transmission. It is much more convenient to use the automatic transmission to drive a car on Bulgarian roads, but cars with mechanics are cheaper and consume less fuel.
  • The class of the automobile. An SUV or minivan will be more comfortable to drive, but they are more expensive, consume more fuel, and are difficult to park in the city. If you plan to just take a ride along the coast, it is better to take a small car.
  • How many people there are in your company. If you are traveling with friends or parents, it will be more convenient and cheaper to take a minivan with 7-9 seats. But keep in mind that everyone has different interests. Someone wants to go to the beach, while others want to see the sights. Then it is better to take 2 small cars.
  • Additional services. Different distributors can give you different prices. The prices for the same child seat may vary 2-3 times. And without them, you cannot ride in a car with children. The situation is exactly the same as for the payment for the second driver in the contract so that not only you but also your friends can get behind the wheel. Sometimes it is more profitable to rent a more expensive car, but with cheaper services.
  • How old is the car. The newer the car, the more enjoyable it is to drive. In most cases, new cars consume less fuel, have fewer malfunctions, and are safer than previous models. But there is also a downside. Scratches and damage to a brand new car will cost much more than on a car that was made a decade ago.