South Africans have always had a high opinion of their country as they think it is a culturally rich and beautiful country. However it takes you to move across the Atlantic Ocean to realize what a striking place it actually is. People who even live in New York and New Jersey still choose to travel to South Africa at least once in a year. Besides Cape Town, there are several other amazing landscapes and unique experiences.

So, if you’re a citizen of India waiting to visit South Africa, you need to get your South Africa visa application form to get your new electronic visa. Unless you complete this process, you can’t embark on your trip to this beautiful place. Let’s take a look at few important things to know on the country before visiting.


  • South Africa is a cheap and cost-effective destination


Majority of the tourists have a perception that South Africa is exorbitantly priced due to the hefty price of the flights. But once you land in South Africa, it turns out to be a reasonable place, most due to the weak position of South African Rand. While there are few specific trips that can blow a hole in your wallet like a luxurious safari, there are many other experiences that won’t. For instance, in the Kruger National Park, there are multiple pocket-friendly accomodation options. Prices of food and wine are also budget-friendly.


  • Johannesburg should get its just respect


People love this city though many are warned about Johannesburg being a dangerous and scary place. Well, just as other urban places across the world, it may be dangerous in some ways but if you stay at a reputable hotel, you’ll get a chance to explore the most famous cities of Africa. There are historical sites that that you can’t miss and some of the best contemporary art museums. You wouldn’t mind spending 2-3 days here to take a complete tour.


  • There are other better safari parks than Kruger Park


Most people who wish to go on a safari at South Africa end up visiting the Kruger National Park. No, though there’s nothing wrong in that as it is one of the largest natural reserves of Africa which is packed with wildlife, yet there are 20 other national parks that you may try exploring. The Addo Elephant Park is renowned for its elephants and there is the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which is a coastal area and one of the best spots for checking out pelicans, crocodiles, hippos and flamingos. The Kalahari is located at the northern part of the country and is a parched savannah which bleeds into Namibia and Botswana.


  • The design, art and culture shouldn’t be missed


South Africa is diverse in temperature and landscapes and is also culturally rich and has 11 official languages. There are many iconic museums and sites that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in South Africa, like Apartheid Museum, Robben Island and the Zeitz MoCAA. At the same time, you shouldn’t skip the smaller museums and galleries which promote the start-up artists. Once you visit these places, you’ll be awed by the diversity of skills and talent that you find there.

Therefore, when you’re planning to visit South Africa for your next vacation, make sure you keep all the above points in mind so that you can make the best out of this trip and keep it etched in your memory forever.


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