Rushing around the house making sure you’ve packed everything two hours before your flight leaves is a place we hate to admit we’ve all been to. Well, here are some things you might want to choose to make that rush so much easier.

Here are five things to take with you on holiday that you may not have thought of before!

A portable charger

Now this one seems obvious, but have you ever taken one on a journey with you? As you can imagine, this is so much easier to pack than many leads that could get tangled, and it also means you have something for the kids when they’re in the back seat of the car to charge their tablets and phones. It’s a great little nugget of gold that many people overlook.

Gift cards

They are so easy to purchase, and you can have them digitally in any currency. They are excellent solutions if you don’t want to take cash, and they can be purchased just before you leave. Take, for example, a Costa gift card. You are at the airport, and you have time for a coffee. So you use your voucher that you brought along, from the likes of, and enjoy yourself before your flight! No need for loose change clanging around in your pocket.

Reusable, sealable clear plastic bags

These will help with packing so much, especially when it comes to toiletries! If there are any spills or leaks of shampoo or body lotion, the rest of your belongings won’t get all soapy and stained! It’s also a good and hygienic way to store sanitary products, nappies, and oral care products. They can also be used to store snacks for the kids, and can be stored easily when you’ve finished using them!


Not talking the shirt kind; the little towels you use to wash your face. These are really handy for long journeys, especially if you are on the road for a long time. It’s going to be hot and sticky if you’re going somewhere exotic, and you need a nice method to cool down, so having these and some chilled water around is really going to help. It also helps for quick cleans and spills and is more eco-friendly than using a pack of wipes, which could also dry out if they’re not closed properly.

After-sun lotion

Last, but not least, we have after-sun lotion. It gives that extra bit of protection from the sun. It can also be used when you’re looking a bit red after a day out. Even sun protection cream isn’t 100% efficient, and it’s great to have that extra bit of protection from the ultra-violet light of the sun.

So there are five things you probably didn’t think of taking along on your family adventure. Hopefully, these will make your journey so much easier and help you to relax, which is the whole point of a trip away.