Footy fever grips guides…and the hot topic? Who will win the 2014 World Cup.

Life on the road for many of our guides is an interesting and busy one. Between June and November in East Africa,  our guides are constantly on the go, sometimes only having a single day off between clients arriving and heading out on safari again. Our guides’ special expertise is introducing our clients to the rich and diverse cultures, landscapes, flora and fauna of Africa, which they do with passion, but sometimes they enjoy a little diversion and this month’s World Cup has given them all the encouragement they need.

Let’s face it, football is a universal currency – you can go right off the beaten track and still find someone in a Man U shirt who wants to know if you know David Beckham.

After a busy day in the field, the guides sometimes get to watch some Premier League action, and no doubt, over the next few weeks, some World Cup action. Some lodges have a  TV  in the guides’ accommodation which they all crowd around enthusiastically when they get the opportunity. They enjoy a bit of friendly banter amongst each other,  and maybe even the occasional game of footy.

With the last World Cup being held in South Africa in 2010, and heralded as one of the best for atmosphere, it is going to be tough for Brazil to match up.

Team Kenya & Tanzania give us their predictions

On a recent FAM trip at the end of May to the Serengeti and the Mara the guides and East African office staff had a chance for a well earned rest.

So forget Linekar, Lawro and Mills and all those other so-called pundits  – these are the World Cup predictions to take note of!


Team Kenya

Sasha – Germany

Bernard – Brazil

Caroline – the host nation – Brazil – am willing to put my money on it too

Nicole –  I am going to be the odd one out and go with France

Eyleen – Am sticking to Spain

Grace – Germany

Rose – I will go with Argentina because it’s a great team

Otieno – My team is Italy!

Maggie – Just like Caroline I’m going with BRAZIL

Elizabeth – I am also going with Germany

Boniface – England

Team Tanzania 

Julian – England (obviously!!)

Seema – Brazil

Helen – Brazil

Juliet – Uruguay

Samwel – Brazil

Abdalla – Germany

Gaudence – Ghana

Kheri- Belgium

Charles – Spain

Marco – Italy


Adam – England(for  the 1st time  only  because  of  the no  of  Liverpool players!!!)

Good to see a few votes for England! Let’s hope the football keeps us on the edge of our seats and that our team aren’t caught napping…

By Sara White





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