The bliss of the summer sun has finally arrived, and we’re all packing our bags to embark on a well-deserved break. When on a budget, or simply excited by the thought of independent, spontaneous travel, backpacking trips tick all the boxes.

Public transport, affordable lodging and experiencing the culture of your surroundings are what makes a backpacking trip, but when you’re looking for excitement and fun, refining your search for a destination may be worth considering.  We’ve selected 5 of the top destination for you and the guys on your next trip.


Morocco is a versatile destination for all sorts of backpackers. As a group, you’ll find everyone pleased, especially if you visit Tangier. If you’re not much of a fan of sudden cultural-shocks, Tangier will help you transition into Moroccan culture by offering international flavours and customs. Who wouldn’t be interested in a classic beef burger with a spicy Moroccan twist?

Chefchaouen is another staple in every backpacker’s bucket list for Morocco, with their prime focus being the marijuana plantations (yikes!). Dealers are everywhere, so be careful with how you spend your money- essentials are often the main cause of financial distress out there. Besides this, there is a majestic view of the Rif mountains, with restaurants and eateries stationed at places high enough to capture a memorable city view.


If you’re a group of thrill seekers, Uganda will tickle your desire for adventure. Flaunting its tropical Murchison Falls, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep to hungry rapids and racing river currents. Safari drives through this terrain and river trips are affordable here too, so we promise you that you can have an amazing time while stretching your cash as far as it can go.

Other thrilling activities in Uganda include rafting through the world-famous river Nile and hiking in the heavy jungle landscapes. You’ll never be bored here, so make sure you’ve secured a bed to sleep in at one of this destination’s many affordable yet cosy hostels. You’ll find yourself within proximity to clean, cultural cuisine and supermarkets for those of you who prefer self-catering.

South Africa

South Africa is no underrated nation when it comes to backpacking. As it is such a massive country, you can choose from any destination of any type ranging from urban Cape Town and Johannesburg to beachy Knysna and Coffee Bay. You can all enjoy scrumptious tequila shots by the cooling beaches alongside live, traditional South African entertainment. One thing to mention is that South Africa is famous for its broad range of cuisines to satisfy your palettes, whatever your budget may be.

Ashanti Lodge in Cape Town is both an original and popular choice for groups who travel, as they offer great prices for a great quality stay; however, you will easily find great-value hostels for making the most out of your stay, especially since your lodging must be close to the places you’ll visit.


Kenya and it’s beautiful coastal beaches are one of the main reasons why backpackers rush to this destination- as well as being very affordable. Rich in culture, Kenya is the ultimate backpacking destination if you and the guys are looking for surf-worthy waves and sensational evening beach parties to loosen up and relax.

You’ll find yourself faced with all sorts of new and delicious flavours of African culture, be it fiery Kenyan beef stew or sweet-and-sour masala chips. Kilifi and Diani Beach are both known as the hub for welcoming, bustling parties and refreshing evening drinks. Besides the party life, you can even taste the wilderness by climbing aboard the back of a camel.


Like Kenya, Tanzania is another hub for thrill-seeking backpackers. There’s plenty to do here including visiting the Engare Sero Waterfall and seeing the Meserani Snake Park, both located in bustling Arusha.

When it comes to night life, you can look forward to the regular coast parties held on weekends and smaller beach parties usually hosted nightly. You’ll be able to choose from exotic twists on your favourite alcoholic drinks, enjoy lively entertainment, and taste the flavours of East Africa in dishes such as Nyama Choma (a mellow, yet flavoursome chargrilled kebab) and Fried Plantains, a classic Tanzanian delight.

Cheap hostel rooms can be found online, our top choice being Demani Lodge; an exotic, beachy atmosphere and cosy rooms combined to form a homely experience for you and the guys.


Whichever destination you decide to pick, make sure you check out the distance form your hostel to any places you’ll be visiting, supermarkets, pharmacies and essentials shops. As a backpacker you may not have as much travel security as someone who’s on a package holiday. Remember to pack the following in your travel wash bag (the ultimate portable storage option for a group of guys on a backpacking trip): Insect repellent, a basic first aid kit, some painkillers, your oral hygiene supplies, antiseptic cream, a face wash and moisturiser.