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La Coyotada, a place rich in history

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La Coyotada is a must-visit Duranguense community  for fans of international cultural tourism within Mexico. It is a leading attraction in the country of Mexico, as it was the birthplace of the Mexican leader Doroteo Arango (also known as Pancho Villa). The town of La Coyotada has as its main tourist attraction the house where the so-called Centauro del Norte was born.

The site is a small town in the municipality of San Juan del Río Durango, which is located about 110 kilometers from the capital of Durango, an hour and thirty minutes by car following highway 45. The legend itself, Pancho Villa was born there, one of the most important figures of the revolutionary movement.

In the community of La Coyotada there are currently a hundred people. If you plan to visit this historic town, you need to plan your stay in this area, as the site itself is sort of small. An almost mandatory choice when visiting this place is to look for the best restaurants in La Coyotada for lunchtime. There is a very good alternative that will delight you and your mouth with the best typical Mexican food.

Description and brief history of La Coyotada

The heart of La Coyotada is an arid environment, there is a house built with adobe, without windows and with white walls. It includes three small rooms and an oven to make bread. Two of these rooms were bedrooms and one more was used as a kitchen. In the little house recently described, Pancho Villa was born and raised. It is known that everything in the house remains original as it was in the past, becoming a favorite tourist place for many of the visitors who come to Mexico.

Francisco “Pancho” Villa was born on June 5, 1878, approximately at 3:00 p.m. His mother was Micaela Arámbula. Francisco was the oldest of his five children and with the passage of time he became one of the main protagonists of the revolutionary movement. Villa was the leader of the famous Dorados, an insurgent group that over time became the Northern Division.

He was truly a character: he only knew how to read and write, he had no other academic preparation, but even with that, when he was governor of Chihuahua, he opened fifty schools. Having been a cow thief in his early days, he eventually assembled a huge cattle smuggling ring to support the Revolution. He sowed so much anger in his enemies that when they took his life, he was shot 150 times.

Suitability of the site for tourist visits

Currently one of the rooms in the house has been conditioned as a small museum that offers us valuable information about the childhood and adolescence of the so-called Centaur of the North. Outside the house there is a statue of Villa, in addition to a list of battles in which his army was victorious.

The clean night sky of La Coyotada is worthy of admiration. It is the same sky that during the first stage of his life Doroteo Arango contemplated, perhaps fantasizing about his future feats. Many tourists go to “La Casa de Pancho Villa” in La Coyotada to admire the house where the famous revolutionary hero was born.