Browns Canyon is home to one of the most visited rivers in the Colorado area, the Arkansas River. The area is known for its serenity and peace. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife and is famed for its beautiful, natural scenery. However, this peaceful destination has been a surprisingly large source of conflict among environmentalists and politicians. The struggle to secure the permanent protection of this precious wildlife destination has been raging for over three decades. The future of Browns Canyon is temporarily protected, but the longevity of the canyon’s protection remains uncertain. Passionate supporters of Browns Canyon haven have worked ceaselessly to bring about public awareness, but more awareness is needed if the canyon is to remain a landmark in the future. If you have an idea to vacation to Colorado then feel free to learn more about Browns Canyon while visiting the actual canyon.


Browns Canyon was first discovered in the 1970s when naturalists first began to study the area. Since then, the battle for protection of this rugged landscape has been pronounced. Political propositions and bills have come very close to passing, but they have fallen through unexpectedly each time. Victory has been tantalizingly near for many decades, and supporters of Browns Canyon are not giving up any time soon. They continue to draw in support and seek more advocates as their passion for this pristine destination sweeps the country by storm.

Why River Preservation Is Important

Those who are not supporters of the movement to save Browns Canyon may be uninformed about the importance of river preservation. Review the information below to learn more about why protecting Browns Canyon is a matter of urgency:

  • Browns Canyon is a well-known area in the Arkansas Valley and is so popular that it drives a significant portion of the area’s economy. The canyon has been known to attract more than 100,000 people in a single summer; it is a proverbial jewel in a country that continues to build and expand instead of preserving natural habitats.
  • Browns Canyon and the areas nearby are home to a huge variety of unique animal species. The canyon is one of the only existing areas where bighorn sheep, peregrine falcons, bobcats, elk, and even soaring golden eagles can be spotted in the same vicinity.
  • Browns Canyon gives wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to experience nature in the raw, which is an increasingly difficult experience to find in today’s busy society.

Last but not least, Browns Canyon is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for whitewater rafting. This area provides the perfect environment for whitewater rafting, and it’s no secret among white water rafting enthusiasts: over 200,000 rafters will visit the destination this summer alone, resulting in a whopping $55 million in total income for the area’s economy.

It’s important for any person to understand the necessity of preserving rivers so that future developments cannot push out natural wildlife and damage local economies. However, the population interested in whitewater rafting should be even more concerned; if beautiful environments like Browns Canyon are not protected, adventures in the great outdoors may sputter slowly to an end like a dying flame. For this reason, whitewater rafters are among some of the most passionate supporters of protecting Browns Canyon.

What You Can Do

It may feel as if there is very little that one person can do to protect such a big piece of Colorado; however, you may be surprised at the influence you have. It takes numbers to make a statement, and each voice counts. There are a few things you can to make your voice heard:

  • Get involved. A great deal of political buzz has been taking place in the news on a monthly basis this year. A Colorado senator has written a bill to ensure that Browns Canyon and the 20,000 nearby acres will remain protected; he proposed that the area be turned into a National Monument. Get involved with the political scene to show your support of this bill.
  • Spread the word. Again, there is a lot of power in numbers. When more people show interest in saving Browns Canyon, it catches the attention of those who have the power to protect Browns Canyon.

Finally, the most important thing you can do to protect Browns Canyon: keep rafting! Continue to regularly visit whitewater rafting destinations to demonstrate that outdoor adventure is important to you and to those around you. Book a whitewater trip down gorgeous Browns Canyon with a reputable whitewater rafting company such as Echo Canyon River Expeditions. Show the world that whitewater rafting in Browns Canyon is important to you by simply going on a whitewater trip and enjoying yourself. Maybe find that romantic cabin in Colorado you have been looking for the whole time! Grab a friend and book an expedition today!