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Safari Guide Quiz: What do you do next?

By 21st October 2008No Comments

You’re with a group of clients and have been game-driving all morning. You stop under some trees for a packed lunch and are all sitting in the shade, looking out over the shimmering plains to the escarpment in the distance, discussing the morning’s highlights.

Just as you look down to open you lunch box, a large drop of blood splats down onto its lid from above. What do you do next:

1. Tell your group to get back to the vehicles as quick as they can and shoo them along from behind.

2. Leg it, calling over your shoulder for them to follow.

3. Stay where you are. You like your beef sandwiches rare and you cannot go wrong with a bit of extra sauce.

To find out what a proper guide would do, watch this video of Sammy Ndungu, an experienced guide who works in Kenya. Click here for the video.

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