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Vote for your favourite image

We’ve had lions in trees, presidents selling curios and a band of mongooses. Our safari guides have done their work capturing a small slice of Africa for us, and now it’s over to you!

All through 2014, our Guides in East Africa have been snapping away in between collecting guests. Each month we have selected a winning image, awarding a small bonus of $50 USD to the winner, and now the time has come to select the best picture of the 12. The guide capturing the winning image will be awarded a bonus of $250 USD. It has been brilliant to see the range of images captured by our guides. Some months it has been really tricky to select a winner but we have tried to go for some unusual images…


To vote, just ‘like’ the post on Facebook and add your comment stating the month you are voting for. We will collate the results, including votes from the staff and announce the winner next month. To see the images individually, check out our Pinterest page here.

1.January -Sammy, Lion, Nakuru
2.February -Henry, Leopard, Samburu
3.March-Samwel, Serval, Serengeti
4.April – George Masai, Baby Elephant in the Mara
5.May – Marco, B&W Elephant , Tarangire
6.June – Charles, Obama Market Stall
7.July – Hashim, vibrant market scene
8.August – Francis, resting cheetahs
9.September – Abdalla, Pride Rock
10. October – Godfrey, Grumpy Buffalos
11.November – Marco, Mighty Mongooses
12.December – Marco, Snoozy Leopard in tree
Please cast your vote by 31 March 2015. 
Thanks to all the guides who took part and congratulations to the monthly winners.
You can get to know the Guides a little better by visiting the About page on our website or clicking here.


Marco’s Mighty Mongooses

Whether you favour mongooses, or (rather controversially) mongeese, I think most would agree that this picture of the aforementioned taken by Marco,  one of our guides in Tanzania, in the Serengeti, is a worthy winner of the Guides’ Monthly Image competition. Congratulations Marco – we love it and were  particularly taken by the way you captured them all huddled together looking so alert. 

Mongoose are a common sight across Africa but can also be found in Europe and Asia with some 33 species.  They live in burrows, usually ones that have been abandoned, preferring a rocky landscape but are highly adaptable and feed on small birds, insects, worms and reptiles. Some species of mongoose are known for their ability to take on venomous snakes – this was famously described by Rudyard Kipling in the Jungle Book with fictional character Rikki Tikki Tavi.They have very sharp claws which are non-retractable, are fast and agile, and have some degree of protection from some snake venoms due to the shape of acetylcholine receptors (neurotransmitters in the nervous system).

Mongooses live for around 4 years in the wild. The female has one litter a year of around 4 babies, who are born blind. Most have brown or grey fur but the banded Mongoose has black stripes on its lower back and is easy to spot. They are ingenious little creatures and interesting to observe, breaking open eggs by throwing them against a rock or bashing them with a stone. They are always highly alert, as pictured, setting off ‘an alarm’ if spotting a threat approaching.

In some countries, such as Hawaii, they are considered a pest. Initially introduced to control vermin,  the mongooses ended up decimating the native bird population. Most species of mongoose are now banned from being imported into the States and also to Australia.

Thanks again Marco – it is easy to be distracted by the Big Five and all the other wonderful large mammals in Africa, and as a result many of the smaller ones get overlooked. It is good to know that our guides are on the look out for all the birds and smaller creatures that make up Africa’s supporting cast as well as keeping their eyes peeled for those in leading roles.

Find out more about Marco here.




Market life – Charles’ winning image

Big congratulations to Charles Titus, one of our guides in Tanzania, who has won the June image competition with his market scene. See any familiar names?

The guides take many wonderful pictures throughout the year. These often tend to be of wildlife and scenery since they spend the majority of their time introducing our clients to the beautiful and varied parks and reserves of East Africa. We are always very excited to find images snapped spontaneously like this one, away from the parks.  The picture literally give a snapshot of life in East Africa. This one is particularly amusing and very colourful. Well done Charles.

You can find out a bit more about Charles here.