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Where have all the Lions gone?

Most people know that the Rhino is on the edge of extinction. They have read about the decline in elephant populations and how the leopard has been hunted until its numbers are dangerously low. What people do not realise is that the Lion had also faced a drastic decline over the last 50 years. Since the 1960’s the African population has dropped from over 200,000 to less than 20,000.

Helping handA UK based charity – LionAid – is starting a campaign this March to raise awareness of their plight and to raise funds for the research that will help us better understand them and help in the efforts to maintain and grow their population. A series of gatherings have been organised around the UK in most major cities at which iconic statues of lions with be symbolically covered for the day, highlighting their vanishing from the wild. Full details can be found at their website, and should you be unable to attend there is also other information there of how you might support this cause.