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Marine Safaris in Tanzania and Mozambique

We are famous for our safaris but did you know that you can also enjoy a marine safari off the coast of East Africa? We have several wonderful places where you can explore the incredible range of marine wildlife whilst swimming in the crystal-clear, bath-warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Fundu Lagoon, Pemba, Tanzania

This small and intimate award winning eco-resort is set on the tiny and unspoilt island of Pemba off the coast of the larger island of Zanzibar. This resort has won many awards for its barefoot luxury accommodation and this year it won the Best Marine Safari Experience in Africa for 2015. The resort and its partner diving operation , Dive 71, focus hard on preserving the unique marine ecology in the area whilst offering a 5 star PADI diving experience. You can do everything from snorkelling up to specialist week long diving qualifications.

The area’s main attraction are the warm, clear waters with visibility between 20-40 metres and temperatures around 25-28 degrees. There are miles of pristine coral reefs which hosts a vast array of fish and other sea creatures. The shallow reefs combine with huge drop offs which make for exciting diving and also a spectacular range of sea creatures. This area has currents so all diving is drift diving.

The area has a wide range of marine life from hawksbill and green turtles to manta and eagle rays, from dolphins and barracuda to tiny reef fish. At certain times of the year you may see whales passing on their migration routes. This area  is one of the best diving locations in the world.

Click on the link to find out more about Fundu Lagoon.

Ibo Island Lodge, Quirimbas, Mozambique

Another award winning lodge that we are proud to offer is Ibo Island Lodge which won the Best Marine Safari Property at the Safari Awards this year. This stunning lodge on a tropical island off the coast of Mozambique is also an excellent place to see the incredible marine wildlife in this area.

You can go snorkelling if you are inexperienced but just want to catch a brief glimpse of the underwater life. You can head deeper to the coral reefs and dramatic drops for the more serious and experienced divers.  The PADI dive centre at Ibo offers a wide range of diving experiences and qualifications.

This area offers incredibly beautiful underwater landscapes with clear waters and excellent visibility and warm temperatures. There are gentle currents here so no worries of drift diving. The best diving around Ibo Lodge is at a place called the Light House. It’s a long coral reef that stretches across a square kilometre. This shallow reef contains large gardens of coral tables, soft corals, bucket corals, green tree corals and a drop off of 21m were you can see a good range of tropical fish.

Another site close to Ibo is Matemo where you can swim with dolphins and turtles and the many brightly coloured reef fish. Another exciting place to dive is the wreck of a 100 year old steamer just off a nearby sandbank. As this is shallow it is perfect for snorkelling and the water is so clear that visibility down to the wreck is excellent.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is a magical mix of rare and beautiful fish, pristine reefs, crystal clear waters and fantastic marine mammals. Whether you are an experience diver or a novice snorkeller you can see all kinds of marine life including dolphins and turtles, not to mention the hump backed whales which you can often see between July and September.

Ibo Island Lodge also offers the rare experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment. The dolphin experience lasts 2-3 hrs and includes an introduction to dolphins and their behaviour, a briefing on boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions with the dolphins. The dive centre uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct, created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach. They wait for the dolphins to approach and never try to swim after them.  Dive Quirimbas  is an Ethical Marine Mammal Campaigner in Mozambique who supports the dolphin care code of conduct.

Click on the link to find out more about Ibo Island Lodge

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Our Top Ten Island Getaways in Africa and the Indian Ocean (Part 1)

Are you sitting at work dreaming of escaping to a tropical island in the sun? Forget the Caribbean, Africa has some truly gorgeous island getaways just right for escaping the cold winter or a wet summer. Some are tiny with just a handful of rustic hideaways whilst others are much larger and more established with lots of luxury hotels, fantastic water-sports and world class restaurants.  All of them have sublime scenery; some have dramatic rocky coves whilst others have dreamy beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. Here are the first 5 in our top 10 as voted by the Real Africa team.

Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Mfangano Island is found at the eastern end of Lake Victoria and it is one of the team’s favourite islands. The island is a great combination of beautiful scenery, laid back African atmosphere and great wildlife. You can while away many hours just relaxing on the island watching the incredible birdlife or going fishing for your supper. It is also home to one of our favourite camps run by the team behind Governors Camps.  Mfangano Island Camp is a luxury, island hideaway lodge lapped by the waters of Lake Victoria, shaded by giant fig trees, and a secluded atmosphere. There are beautiful lush gardens set on a private bay with enormous boulders which sit at the water’s edge providing a perch for cormorants or giant monitor lizards to sun themselves. You will feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life on Mfangano.

Ibo Island, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Our intrepid explorer Lily nominated Ibo Island as one of her favourites having travelled to Mozambique last year. Ibo Island is part of the famous Quirimbas Archipelago which nestles in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of northern Mozambique. Once Mozambique’s mighty trading centre, Ibo Island has remained all but forgotten to the outside world for almost a century. Wander around this colonial little island town and hear tales of pirates and prisoners, turtle shells and silver. Explore old forts and ancient romantic buildings where you can almost feel the history come to life. Ibo is home to some wonderfully majestic historical architecture, some beautifully restored and some left as atmospheric ruins. Add to this almost dazzlingly white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters, mangrove swamps and quaint fishing villages, giant sand dunes and lush greenery and you have a real paradise. Mozambique and the waters off Ibo Island are also famous for their pristine coral reefs and incredible marine wildlife including manta rays, rare dugongs, a variety of dolphins and all sorts of species of whales. We offer holidays to Ibo Island Lodge which is an award winning beach hotel with a fantastic location and stylish luxury accommodation.

Pemba, Tanzania

Pemba is a small island off the coast of its larger and more famous neighbour Zanzibar. Its remote location and small size has meant that it remained an untouched and pristine island of great beauty and history. The lush mosaic of forests, swamps, mangroves, and gently undulating hills combined with stunning hidden beaches and quiet lagoons makes for a serene and beautiful island getaway. The history of the island is told in the scattered ruins of mosques and tombs hidden away in the forest, some of which date back to Arab colonisation in the 17th century.

Likoma Island, Lake Malawi, Malawi

Likoma Island is another very popular destination amongst the team.  It is unusual in that it actually sits in Mozambican waters but is still part of Malawi. Likoma has a gentle, pretty landscape made up of rolling grassland dotted with trees, secluded coves and beaches and stunning views over to the mainland. There are a handful of hotels on the island but very little traffic as there are no paved roads and people travel by boat.  The waters here are crystal clear and warm making it perfect for snorkelling, diving, kayaking, fishing and sailing. The waters of the lake are also home to wonderful birdlife and the whole atmosphere is very peaceful indeed. We offer stays at the wonderful Kaya Mawa which is a 5 star luxury lodge with incredible views, secluded beaches and gorgeous rooms. It was voted by Conde Nast as one of the top ten most romantic places in the world.

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Another small island off the East African coast and part of the Zanzibar archipelago, Mafia Island is a proper Robinson Crusoe desert island. It is a place to get away and soak up nature in all its finest. Mafia Island’s coral reefs are renowned as an excellent, world-class diving destination. Scientists have confirmed that Mafia has some of the richest reefs in the world, with an unparalleled variety of hard and soft corals and diversity of tropical fish. If you are not one for diving you can explore the island’s nature trails and discover the hidden ruins of lost buildings reclaimed by the jungle. However it is really the gloriously pristine white sandy beaches lapped by gentle warm waters which you tend to have all to yourself that attract most people to Mafia Island. It is wonderfully peaceful and calming and a perfect place to relaxing. We offer a fantastic little rustic retreat called Chole Mjini if Mafia Island sounds the place for you.

If you fancy turning your daydreams into reality then give us a call and we can fix you up!

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Lily’s Epic African Odyssey – Part Two. Zambia

Continuing from last week where we left Lily in Mozambique on her pan-African odyssey.

After leaving the lovely Azura Quilalea Resort I lfew by light aircraft to Pemba where I stayed at the Pemba Beach Hotel. Pemba itself is a very attractive old port situated on the northwest tip of the peninsula which forms the southern entrance to Pemba Bay.  Pemba Bay is a large, deep, semi-enclosed natural harbour on a stretch of coast renowned for its wide, sandy and clean palm-lined beaches, protected by a coral reef that guarantees safe swimming as well as good snorkelling.    Pemba’s old town is typical of many of Africa’s original colonial towns and luckily much of it has been beautifully preserved. It is a lively place with plenty of restaurants, shops and cultural activities to while away the balmy evenings. Whilst in Pemba I explored many other places including Ulala Lodge, Chuiba Palms and Londo Lodge. One word of warning (although I thought of it as one of the most fun things to do)  – a lot of my transfers were done by speed boat where you sometimes have to wade onto the beach from the boat – dress appropriately! Londo Lodge is an easy ride from Pemba and great for people looking to escape to an island paradise without epic distances involved. As I arrived at Londo there was a pod of dolphins swimming out to greet us!

The next part of my journey was my journey to Zambia. This wonderful country is a fantastic safari destination and I had been eager to explore more. Starting in Livingstone I spent the night at Waterberry Lodge which makes a great based for exploring Livingstone and the world famous Victoria Falls. The lodge has a secluded position on the banks of the Zambezi River, looking over to the Zimbabwe Game Reserve on the opposite bank.  All seven chalets are named after birds and I occupied ‘Swallow’ which was as near to the Zambezi River as you can get!  The usual activities and excursions are available from visiting Livingstone with its Maramba Market, old colonial buildings, Livingstone Museum (with huge amount of David Livingstone memorabilia), Victoria Falls, fishing, birding, cruises etc. The next day I went to visit one of our luxury options in the area, the famous  Tongabezi Lodge. Tongabezi was one of the original lodges on the Zambian side of the Zambezi river, established in 1990 by Ben Parker and the late Will Ruck-Keene, who were pioneers of eco-tourism in Zambia.  Privately owned and run, romance and exclusivity is combined with warm and attentive service.   We visited the Lookout which is Tongabezi’s latest concept to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and space.  There is a high tech internet desk and library, and it has multiple decks with Zambezi River views for casual dining, private dining and reading. As always, guests can do as little or as much as they like with the choice of game drives, sunrise/sunset boat trips, fishing, lunch on their private island, sanpan floating candlelit dinner, bird watching and guided bush walks, walks in gorge below the Falls, guided canoeing on Zambezi, visits to Simonga Village, visits to Mukuni Park, a cultural museum tour, croquet at Tongabezi etc – all of which are included in their rates.

The next day I was transferred to the waiting motor launch on the jetty for our Livingstone Island visit and brunch.  As we sped across the Zambezi, to the island where David Livingstone on 16 November, 1855 first viewed the Falls and exclaimed ‘ sights such as these must have been gazed on by angels’.  I felt very privileged we were to be able to experience this island as it is located on the very edge of the Falls in the midst of a thundering mass of water.

My next adventure was canoeing on the Zambezi to Tongabezi’s sister camp, Sindabezi Island.  What a lovely place set on a shady, picturesque island in the middle of the Zambezi River.  Sindabezi was selected by the Sunday Times as one of the best remote places to stay in the world… and we all loved it.  There are just five open sided thatched chalets and two honeymoon chalets with open fronts which allow guests to soak up the sights and sounds of the African bush and the river in a perfectly untouched setting. After spending the night here we transferred the following day by plane to Chongwe River Camp. This is where I got to spend the night admiring the hippos and to go on a safari in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Next week read all about Lily’s expedition into the South Luangwa where she went on a walking safari and spent the night with some friendly lions! She then finishes off her epic tour on the banks of Lake Malawi.