The Big 5 minute Quiz – Monsters of Africa Special


Today’s quiz looks at some of the larger facts from Africa, including the snake you really don’t want to tread on…

1. How big can Nile Crocodiles grow?

a. Up to 4 metres (13.5ft)

b. Up to 6 metres (20 ft)

c. Up to 8 metres (27 ft)


2.  What is the heaviest recorded weight for a single elephant tusk?

a.  65 kg

b. 87 kg

c. 103 kg


3. How much can a Nile soft-shelled terrapin, or water tortoise, weight?

a.  30 kg

b. 40 kg

c. 50 kg


4. The Black Mamba is Africa’s largest dangerous snake. How many men could it kill with its average reservoir of venom?

a. 2-3

b. 5-6

c. 10-12


5. What is the largest frog found in East Africa?

a. The Kermit, growing up to 15 cm in length.

b. The Bull, growing up to 20 cm in length.

c. The Goliath, growing up to 1.2 m in length.


The answers are beneath the elephant below…


1. b

2. c

3. b

4. c

5. b



4-5: Bull elephant: A monster amongst trivia quiz players.

3:  Wildebeest: A solid performer but with a slightly confused look.

1-2: Dik-dik: Easy prey for the serious quizzer…

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