Things that Make Sydney A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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Every destination has a unique feeling; be it a sunset viewpoint, a blossom covered market, a unique garden, historic buildings, adventure, greatrestaurants or bars with live music. And, when it’s about planning the most romantic and unforgettable holiday of your life – your Honeymoon, you will surely want to choose a destination that not only touches your soul but also brings you closer to your partner.

Here are a few reasons that make Sydney the best place to explore, to indulge yourselves and to create a truly memorable honeymoon .

City Attractions are Many

Surprisingly Sydney although a relatively new city does offer a fair amount of history. It combines modern with old, traditional with the avant garde. Discuss with your partner your different interests and then try and cover both of your chosen attractions. Perhaps you could visit the excellent musuems, art galleries and cutural attractions such as the world famous Sydney Opera House. There is far more to Sydney than just attractive sandy beaches. Sydney has countless thrilling attractions for a day trip, the most famous ones being the Capitol Theatre , St Mary’s Cathedral, Harbour Bridge, and the Hyde Park Sydney Tower etc.

Buzzing Nightlife

Sydney has  a lot of small, romantic bars that allow you to enjoy an unforgettable cocktail while offering personal space to cuddle up and many hours to talk without disturbance late into the night. Eau de Vie in Darlinghurst is efficient, stylish and dark contemporary day bar where you can talk and drink. Other good choices include Grandma’s in CBD, Archie Rose in Rosebery, Golden Age under the Surry Hills street and Goblin on Summer Hill. But, if you and your partner are party animals and you like to dance and drink all night, then we suggest a visit to Oxford Street, which is the centre of entertainment and nightlife in Sydney.

Couple Friendly Outdoor Activities

Strengthen your connection by participating in several activities together. You can try Stand Up Paddle activity or a lovely cycling trail at any of the many beach locations. If you both love adventure, perhaps you could try a jet boat ride for an unforgettable experience. A scenic view of the World Blue Mountains from a glass floor cable car hang above a steep gorge is the ultimate experience. You can also explore Port Stephens and swim with dolphins together.Another incredible experience which will make your honemoon unforgettable.

Great Scenery and Nature

Sydney is the mixture of gorgeous coastline and beautiful scenery.  From the lovely seashore and buzzing Cape Solander to the dazzling blue waters of Sydney Harbour where you can see majestic whales, the remarkable landscape around Sydney offers you endless romantic days out with your partner. You can also visit the famous Blue Mountains from Sydney. You can use Yatra Coupons to book your flight, hotels etc. to cut down the extra cost these extras.

Sydney’s Varied Food Culture

What can be more indulgent and romantic than having a dinner in an open restaurant that offers you a 360 degree scenic view of the whole city? Sydney has many tasteful dining choices that will amaze your partner with a huge variety of cuisines. The 360 Bar and Dining is one of them. If you are into the street scene more than the restaurant scene then you can try the funky street trucks for some mouth-watering food. Sydney has many famous streets like Crown Street, Pacific Highway, Norton Street, Dixon Street and Glebe Point Road, which offer some of the best restaurants you could imagine.

Shop & Hop in Style

Touring to the markets of Sydney with your love adds a lot more fun to your shopping experience. You can learn a lot about each other on these trips! From buying things for your new house or clothing and accessories for each other, there are several markets in Sydney that you can explore. The Rocks Market, Surrey Hills Market, Paddy’s Market and many more markets that provide almost everything either of you could need or want.


Guest Post Blog by Vishal Chaudhary