If you’re planning to go on a trip to South Africa, you cannot miss meeting the unique and unrivalled City of Cape Town. Its history is simply fascinating, as there have been many who have passed through there: Dutch, British, Indians, Malaysians, etc… and they have all left their mark. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city, very diverse and with a very rich culture.

In this article we will serve as your “guide” and give you some suggestions about what to do, where to go, how to get around there, where to eat delicious food, the best neighborhoods to visit and everything you need to know to know the most representative of the city.

What’s the history behind Cape Town?

Established by the Dutch in the mid-17th century, Cape Town was the first European settlement in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its situation was perfect, right in the middle of the route from the Old Continent to the Indies, at the height of the discoveries.

Currently, Cape Town has a population close to 4 million, the second largest in South Africa, after Johannesburg. It is also the capital of the Western Cape (“Western Cape Province”), which has, in turn, several interesting places to visit. It is surely one of the main tourist destination of the African Continent

Recommended places to visit in Cape Town

Here you have the best places and sites to visit preferably in Cape Town. It is likely that to get to know the city well, without being in a rush it’d take at least 3 full days. However, you shall not worry in case you have less time than that, you will also be able to enjoy the city, all you have to do is prioritize the places you are going to visit.

Bo-Kaap, the neighborhood of picturesque houses in Cape Town

If you are thinking of traveling to South Africa, we are sure you know this area is full of ​​colorful houses. In addition to the beautiful little houses, at Bo Kaap you can visit a museum with the history of the area and a mosque. If you’re lucky and avoid a cloudy day, you’ll see what a view the Table Mountain offers once you get there.

Greenmarket square trade center

In the center of the city’s business we find the great Greenmarket Square, built in the late seventeenth century, it has been the center of sales of groceries and slaves in ancient times, today it is a free market, usually visited by tourists. There you will find souvenirs, South African clothing and crafts, and places to eat. It deserves a little pass by around there!

Long street

If there is one street you should visit in Cape Town, it is Long Street. It is the “centre of the scene”, the best area to go out for dinner and take a walk. Weekends are usually packed, since you can find international restaurants, bookstores, hostels, bars, etc. Definitely, it’s a place with a lot of life! In addition, aesthetically it is very beautiful, those Victorian houses with wrought iron balconies are pleasing to see.

The Company Garden and the Parliament of South Africa

The green lung of central Cape Town is this historic garden. It was created by European settlers in the mid-17th century. In it, besides people chilling and walking, you will find a small lake, the typical “rose garden”, several monuments and memorials.