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Africa is a vast continent with diverse countries that have their unique attractions. While the continent is known for its safaris and wildlife, it also has some of the best beaches and places to swim in the world. From rivers to oceans, here are the places you should visit for a breathtaking swim on the continent.

Devil’s Pool Located on the Zambezi River in Zambia

The Devil’s Pool sits on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia, right on top of a 100-metre drop into the pools below. It has become a popular sport for thrill seekers and photographers alike because the greenery around it against the water splashes creates an incredible contrast.

There is also almost always a rainbow behind the Devil’s Pool, and you can catch it wherever the sun hits the water droplets right.

The Devil’s Pool is deep enough for an adult to stand in it, and the small amount of water flowing from the Zambezi River reduces the risk of being swept away. The incredible combination of the pool and the flowing water creates the illusion of an infinity pool, only that this one never stops flowing.

Diani Beach in Kenya

Diani Beach is a 20-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches, with perfect views of the Indian Ocean, lines of palm trees and friendly locals. The clear, pristine Indian Ocean waters make the beach perfect for swimming.

Those who dare can enjoy close-up views of the offshore coral reef. Do not swim to the coral reef unless you are a strong swimmer due to the strong ocean currents. It is better to go by boat and canoe, with locals providing these services.

You can visit with the whole family, but you should avoid the beach in December and January as tourists flock to Diani in these hotter months. However, Kenya lies on the Equator, making the temperatures comfortable throughout the year, so you will have a great experience no matter what time you visit.

Anse Soleil In Seychelles

The Anse Soleil beach is similar to what many people think of when they imagine a paradise. It is located between numerous hills and has white sand and some of the cleanest water in the Indian Ocean. It is a private and peaceful beach that some could call romantic.

Since there are many places to swim at Anse Soleil, get your men’s designer swim shorts and other equipment ready and prepare for hours of swimming. Alternatively, sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset and local seafood.

Belle Mare in Mauritius

Belle Mare is a quiet beach in Mauritius that looks similar to Diani and Anse Solei, although it is infused with local culture. Since it faces the east, you can enjoy the sunrise and then go for a dip in its clear waters. Optionally, talk a walk along the beaches and enjoy the many people who love a morning dip.

While Belle Mare can be sometimes crowded, you will always find somewhere to sit quietly on its white sands to meditate. Enjoy the sounds of nature and the cashing ocean while you do so.

Visitors can enjoy the many beaches and swim spots located in Africa. The beauty of visiting the continent is that each location provides something different, and visitors can enjoy local cuisines and the vastness of Africa’s varied cultures.