Abu Dhabi is the luxurious capital of UAE and is a stylish blend of modern mega structures and beautiful ancient architecture. Of the seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the largest one. The metropolis has everything from parks, beautiful mosques, endless deserts and louvre museums.

When it comes to cooking, generosity and hospitality are the two main ingredients of Abu Dhabi. Dining forms the communal celebration where people share their food with great warmth. The authenticity of Abu Dhabi’s food can be tasted at different restaurants, local stalls, traditional shows, desert camps and cafes.

Emirati cuisine

Emirati cuisine is the fusion of spices and ingredients. The dishes are aromatic and flavorful and the best of them are listed here.

  • Khuzi

Khuzi, commonly spelt as Ghuzi, is the national dish of the UAE. The dish is wholesome and is prepared with roasted mutton or lamb and is served on the top of rice with veggies and nuts. Grab the tastiest Khuzi at Bu Qtair Fish restaurant.

  • Al Machboos

It is a non-vegetarian dish where the main ingredient is red meat, shrimp or fish and rice. The meat is cooked till it becomes tender and then removed from the pot. The rice is then cooked well and all ingredients are added which includes cooked meat, onion, spices and dried lemon. Try it with raita and salad at Al Fanar restaurant and café.

  • Al Harees

Al Harees is a traditional dish of the UAE, served during religious festivals and weddings. The porridge-like dish is made of meat and wheat and is cooked for a long time. The meat and wheat is mixed and cooked in salty water for a couple of hours. You can get the best Al Harees at Harees Al Waldah.

  • Shawarma

The authentic shawarma from the streets of UAE is just incomparable. It is a non-vegetarian dish having the slices of chicken, beef or lamb and is served by rolling in rotis or flatbread. The shawarma is then filled with veggies, sauce and onions. Try out this delicacy at Al Mallah. 

  • Stuffed camel

Whole stuffed camel is a popular dish of Abu Dhabi where the camel is skinned, trimmed and cleaned. It is then stuffed with eggs, chicken, lamb and rice and broiled over a large charcoal pit.

  • Balaleet

Balaleet is the flavorful fusion of sweet and salty elements. It is prepared with the main ingredient, vermicelli and sweetened with rose syrup, saffron and cinnamon. The dish is served with a thin omelette at the top. It is a common Emirati dish and often garnished with pistachios. Try out the dish at Logma and Al Fanar.

  • Thereed

Thereed is a stew consisting of chicken, goat or lamb and is slowly cooked with roasted vegetables like marrow, pumpkin, potatoes and tomatoes. It is served with thin Emirati bread, Rigag. Find the awesome Thereed at Seven Sands.

  • Al Madrooba

Al Madrooba is another popular dish during Ramadan and other festivals. It takes a lot of time to be prepared and so you cannot get it at all the restaurants. It is a mixture of salted fish, thick sauce and spices and is served with rice, sprinkled with nuts, spices and saffron. The fish-lovers can get it at Al Mrzab restaurant.

  • Saloona

Saloona is a kind of stew, prepared by boiling meat along with onions and a variety of vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, okra, tomato and pepper. Try this delicious healthy stew at Seven Sands.

  • Esh Asarya

It is one of the famous desserts of Abu Dhabi. The delicious creamy dessert is made of sweet pieces of bread, smothered with cream and served with pistachio toppings.

  • Mhammar

It is a traditional dish of preparing meat by giving it a deep mahogany colour, accompanied by a reddish sauce.

  • Luqaimat

Luqaimat is one of the popular desserts of the UAE. It is a sweet crunchy dumpling with soft fillings inside. Made up of a smooth batter flour, milk, butter, sugar, yeast, saffron and cardamom, the deep fried dumplings are popular during the month of Ramadan. The Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe and Milas Restaurant serve the best Luqaimat.

Indulge yourself in the traditional mouth-watering food of Abu Dhabi and satisfy the hunger of your taste buds. If you are from the UK, you can visit Abu Dhabi by getting flights from British airways. So make a list of food items along with the popular attractions to have a remarkable experience.