The Real Africa Trust

The Real Africa Trust has been able to support a wide range of conservation and community projects and initiatives since it was founded in 2012, from building a new classroom on the edge of the Maasai Mara for Olochura School, to funding new sports equipment for a school in the Ngorongoro Highlands of Tanzania.

The Trust's objective has been to fund school and community education based projects in Africa.  While we wholeheartedly continue to support education and community initiatives we have also expanded to work with many partners on a wide range of important wildlife conservation projects, from Save the Elephants in Kenya, to Rhino Conservation Botswana. This wildlife conservation work, alongside our promotion of responsible eco-tourism has far reaching repercussions for the local community - providing employment and allowing them to thrive and prosper from protecting wild habitats and iconic species. 

Our most recent Explorers against Extinction campaign has focused specifically on the protection of endangered species in Africa. In 2018 our horizons will expand to include species in Asia as well, including tiger and one horned rhino. We wanted our charity to better reflect our work and our widening horizons and so in 2018 the Real Africa Trust was superseded by The Real World Conservation Trust (registered UK Charity no 1177505). 

We're sure this new charitable trust will be a worthy successor to The Real Africa Trust.

Real Africa and Real Asia will make a £25 donation on behalf of every client travelling to The Real World Conservation Trust.

To find out more about the work of the Trust and our projects and initiatives please visit Real World Conservation.