The Real Africa Trust

In 2012 Real Africa set up its own charity, The Real Africa Trust. This allows us to raise money and work direct with selected charities and on certain overseas projects. It is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, its registered charity number is 1149508. 

To make a donation, please go to our page on  Just Giving 

Real Africa donates into the Trust on behalf of every client who travels with us, as well as fund-raising through its staff, friends and clients for specific projects.

The Trust was inspired by a desire to safeguard our wildlife and wild places and help mitigate human/wildlife conflict via supporting education initiatives. In the seventeen years that Real Africa has been organising exceptional journeys to sub-Saharan Africa, the continent’s wildlife has sadly faced enormous challenges. It is estimated that some 30,000 African elephants are being poached for their ivory annually and in recent years that’s at a rate as high as one every 15 minutes.

 Just 20,000 white rhino remain while the critically endangered black rhino population has dwindled to just 5,000. Lions also face a battle for survival with their population decreasing. 750,000 lions used to roam free in Africa, today there are, tragically, less than 20,000 largely due to Trophy Hunting and human/wildlife conflict. Kenya is still regarded a lion stronghold and conservation charities work hard to mitigate human/wildlife conflict to ensure it remains so.

We understand the importance of tourism, local communities and wildlife conservation bodies working together in order to safeguard our wildlife and wild places. An important role of the Trust is to support education in sub-Saharan Africa by providing amenities & resources for primary and secondary education benefiting school age children, young people and their families. These objectives are met by making grants to existing schools and other organisations involved in education and training allowing young people to gain work in conservation of both wildlife & habitats and all aspects of tourism. The Sheldrick Trust, one of the charities we support, estimates that a living elephant generates 76 times more in tourism revenue than the value of its tusks, over the course of its life.

Our fund-raising activities have helped us to support a range of important conservation and education projects including:

If our clients wish to visit the projects we support, our staff are happy to assist in making the necessary arrangements within their holiday itineraries.

Explorers against Extinction and Sketch for Survival

Our Explorers against Extinction campaign which launched in 2017 with the help of the world's most famous explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Colonel John Blashford-Snell, is more ambitious than ever.  With your help we have already raised over £35,000. We hope we can raise even more. You can find out all about Explorers against Extinction and Sketch for Survival on the dedicated website here

Real World Store - Supporting Conservation

Our dedicated online store sells a range of merchandise with all profits donated to the charities we support via the Real Africa Trust. You can buy a Tshirt to support Save the Elephants, Save the Rhino International the Sheldrick Trust or Animals Saving Animals, a small organisation committed to the training and deployment of anti-poaching dogs. We also offer beautiful solid silver Penny Price jewellery, again with donations made to the relevant charity and a lovely range of silver Titchy Tembo jewellery as well. New for 2017 are our Explorers against Extinction smart navy and grey hoodies.

To find out more please visit the Real World Store 


Save The Elephants

To mark Real Africa's 15th Anniversary in 2015 we started working with a charity very close to all our hearts - Save the Elephants. Founded by Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton, one of the world's foremost authorities on the African Elephant, the charity works to secure a future for elephants. To read more about our anniversary event with Saba Douglas-Hamilton on 8 October 2015 at the RGS please click here. To find out more about our partnership please click here.

Save the Rhino International

It has been well documented in the news that poaching rates have escalated alarmingly in recent times and unfortunately this means that the future of wild rhino is very much in the balance. The Real Africa Trust partnered with Save the Rhino International to raise money for their core fund as well as specifically for projects in Kenya - namely the dog squads which operate in four conservancies (Ol Pejeta, Borana, Lewa and Ol Jogi). Further details here.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Founded in 1977 the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust plays a significant and vital role in the conservation of Kenya's wildlife. This pioneering conservation project rescues elephant orphans,  rehabilitates them and releases them back into the wild. Some elephants are orphaned when their mothers are poached for their ivory, others are separated from the herd following human/wildlife conflict and sometimes the circumstances are unknown.

Real Africa has fostered a number of orphans over the years. Kithaka, an orphan selected by Sara our Marketing Director, when she visited the Trust in 2013,  appealed because he was the naughtiest of the young elephants. We have watched Kithaka grow into a fine young bull over the past 3+ years - he is now in Tsavo where he will continue his journey back to the wild. Arruba, a calf we fostered in 2014 moved in 2015 to join Kithaka in Tsavo. We then fostered Alamaya in 2015, fresh from his rescue from the Masai Mara. Alamaya had been separated from his herd and then attacked and injured terribly by hyenas. Sara visted Alamaya in May 2016 just a few weeks before he moved from the nursery to Tsavo to start his journey back into the wild like Kithaka and Arruba. 

We have recently fostered three more nursery orphans, Esampu, Jotto and Ambo which Sara went to visit in Kenya in May 2017.  We look forward to following their progress and giving our support to this wonderful project through our Explorers against Extinction initiative. We are proud to have donated £17,450 this November 2017 thanks to fund-rasing so far.  Find out more here.

Animals saving Animals

This small organisation trains and deploys dogs to anti-poaching units across sub-Saharan Africa. Dogs have proved incredibly successful as one tool in the battle against poaching. With their incredible tracking skills, dog teams can work at night when the poachers are most active. They can detect illegal caches of arms and ivory/horn, and their presence alone is a huge deterrent, with dogs being naturally feared in Africa. Three breeds are favoured - bloodhounds and Spaniels to track and Belgian malinois to search, track and attack. The Real Africa Trust has sponsored an anti-poaching pup through Stage 1 training. Our pup, Vaala, who Rob visited in Italy during his holiday when she was just a few weeks old,  is now in Zimbabwe ready to become an operational anti-poaching dog on the Save Valley Conservancy. Via our Explorers against Extinction campaign we have raised an additional £17,450 to fund a tracking spaniel for Ol Pejeta in Kenya and a team of two rhino protection dogs for Rhino Conservation Bostwana. Find out more about our partnership with ASA here. Find out more about Explorers against Extinction here.