Mozambique is beginning to gain favour as a fantastic holiday destination offering tempting options for beach breaks pre or post safari. We tend to include Mozambique most often in holidays for our clients enjoying a safari to South Africa's Kruger or to Southern Tanzania - May to October is the optimum time for each of these areas.

Mozambique has a stunningly beautiful coastline including famous archipelagos with stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Marine life is excpetional and activities can be varied from diving and snorkelling, kayaking and dhow safaris to relaxing on the glorious beaches.

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Southern Africa: Wildlife and Beaches

Enjoy a fabulous safari at a tented camp in the Kruger before flying to beautiful Mozambique in search of whales, rays, sharks and dolphins



When To Go

Mozambique has a tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season from November to March and a dry season from April to October. The coolest months are June to August, although temperatures can still reach 30 degrees or so. Climatic conditions, however, vary depending on altitude. Rainfall is heavy along the coast and decreases in the north and south, although as Mozambique is in the rain shadow of Madagascar (with the rains tending to arrive on the south-westerly trade winds,) it is drier than its neighbours.

What To Do

The main attractions in Mozambique are the fabulous beaches with wonderful scuba diving, swimming, fishing and sailing available.There is a wide abundance of reef fish; Surgeon, Moorish Idols, Parrot, Angel and Butterfly fish to name but a few. Giant Turtles, Game fish and Devil rays are regularly seen and for the lucky few the elusive Dugong. The coral reefs are generally close to the shore and in very good unspoilt condition. The water is crystal clear and the water very warm making it the perfect location for diving.

Accommodation ranges from small, romantic boutique hotels to larger beach resorts with a wide variety of activities available. Barefoot luxury is a common term used as a lot of the resorts are eco-friendly and using traditional methods for building and operating.

Pemba is renowned as being a fantastic destination for scuba diving enthusiasts as it is home to a wonderfully pristine coral reef which is easily accessible. Pemba is a popular holiday spot already for upper-middle class Mozambicans and South Africans and as such as a good range of hotels and restaurants and other facilities. Pemba is the closest major city and airport for those who wish to visit Quirimbas Islands and Quirimbas National Park. 

The Quirimbas Islands lie in the Indian Ocean off the northeastern coast. The archipelago consists of about 27 islands and was made up of Arab trading posts and small fishing villages. Today, many of the islands are uninhabitated. The islands are famous for their high-quality diving sites, including spectacular drop-offs, some up to 400 meters. 

The Quirimbas National Park, is a protected area in the islands which spans around 7 500 km², includes the 11 most southerly islands.

Also worth visiting is the Bazaruto Archipelago which is a group of six islands in near the mainland city of Viklankulo. It is a proclaimed marine national park that boasts sensational beaches and magnificent scenery. The archipelago comprises of the islands of Bazaruto, Benguerra, , Banque, and Santa Carolina and Shell Island.Tourist attractions include sandy beaches and coral reefs – again perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. There is a wide abundance of reef fish, Surgeon, Moorish Idols, Parrot, Angel and Butterfly fish to name but a few. Giant Turtles, Game fish and Devil rays are regularly seen and for the lucky few the elusive Dugong.

Why We Love

The country's natural beauty, wildlife, and historic heritage are all great reasons to visit Mozambique as you can go on safari, soak up the vibrant culture in the cities and relax on some of the world’s best beaches. Despite game numbers being decimated during the wars there is positive growth in many of the nation's parks, especially the Maputo Special Reserve and Gorongosa Parks. Huge efforts are being made, aided by the South African authorities, to increase game levels by the free roaming of game across into Mozambique's reserves from the Greater Kruger.

One of our senior sales consultants Lily loves Mozambique, having visited twice in the last couple of years, and spending time doing extensive research on its beach resorts....