Anti-poaching dog squads to be featured on the BBCPublished: 15th March 2017

We are delighted to announce that the organisation Animals Saving Animals dedicated to the training and deployment of dogs to anti-poaching units across Africa will feature on BBC1 news programme Look East at 7.30pm on Monday 20 March. This is a regional news programme broadcast in the East of England including Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Dog squads are proving to be a vital tool in the battle against poaching. Two types of dogs are used, their skills complementing each other; Bloodhounds to track and Belgian Malinois to attack. Dog squads are able to work at night when the poachers are most active. With their track skills they can hold the scent of a single footstep for over 24 hours and can also detect illegal caches of arms, horn and ivory. Rangers can then attach a GPS tracking device to the cache, in order to apprehend the poachers. 

The Real Africa Trust supports the work of ASA and this year has sponsored a puppy, paying for Stage 1 training. The Belgian Malinois is going through initial training in Kenya currently but will eventually be deployed to the Save Valley in Zimbabwe home to one of only eight viable black rhino breeding populations.

Black rhino have been around for 5 million years but they are now critically endangered with only 5,000 left. Black rhino differ from white rhino having a smaller head and hooked lip perfect for browsing on bushes and scrub. White rhino in contrast have a far larger heavier head and a flatter squarer jaw perfect for grazing. White rhino are also endangered with just 20,000 remaining.

The anti-poaching dog squads of ASA which work across Africa including Mkomazi in Tanzania, Ol Pejeta and Tsavo in Kenya, and the Save Valley in Zimbabwe protect elephant and rhino from poaching. They also help the community by tracking lost livestock for instance. 

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If you would like to support the work of Animals Saving Animals please visit the Real World Store where you can purchase a Tshirt, or sponsor one of the anti-poaching dogs. 

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