Baby black rhino born at Sera Conservancy, KenyaPublished: 1st March 2017

The Sera Conservancy is a community conservancy at the heart of a fascinating conservation project involving Lewa Wildlife, The Northern Rangelnads Trust and Saruni Lodges. The project aims to re-introduce black rhino to this area of northern Kenya. 

Eleven black rhino were translocated here in 2016 in the hope they would breed and thrive. The conservancy is patrolled by rangers and all the rhino are currently tagged and tracked to ensure their safety. 

A male calf was born on the evening of 28 February - this is such exciting news and we are delighted for all involved. We hope the calf thrives and is the first of many...

Saruni Lodges opened on 1 February 2017 Saruni Rhino, which comprises two small stone bandas within the conservancy giving visitors the priviledge of being part of this special project. Guests can enjoy diverse game in the conservancy and the chance to track black rhino on foot with rangers and guides - a unique experience. Guests can combine a 2 night stay at Saruni Rhino in Sera with a stay at nearby Saruni Samburu for a fabulous trip to this rugged and compelling area of Kenya. They travel in the knowledge that they are contributing to wildlife conservation with their rhino tracking permits going back into the conservancy. 

You can find out more here. 


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