Giraffe Manor to feature on BBC2 Monday 10 April at 9pmPublished: 10th April 2017

'Amazing Hotels - Life Beyond the Lobby' with Giles Coren and chef Monica Galetti has so far shown us Marina Bay in Singapore and wonderful Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador. Tonight, for week 3 the pair travel to Kenya to iconic Giraffe Manor, one hotel in the Safari Collection portfolio, owned by Mike and Tanya Carr Hartley.

Followed every step of the way by a BBC film crew Coren and Galetti find out about the challenges of running a hotel like Giraffe Manor which offers both luxury and an immersive conservation experience.

As owners Mike & Tanya Carr-Hartley say, “It’s important to us that tourism benefits not only the traveller but the environment and people with whom that traveller will interact. Giraffe Manor allows us to highlight the precarious plight of Africa’s giraffe population whilst providing guests with an authentically unique experience. Our other three properties – Sasaab, Sala’s Camp & Solio Lodge– also offer amazing experiential opportunities whilst delivering genuine, quantifiable value to the communities and wildlife where we operate.”

Giraffe Manor is home to a small herd of Rothschild's Giraffe, one of three giraffe sub species, and the tallest. It is estimated that only 670 individuals remain living in 13 groups in Kenya and Uganda. Giraffe Manor has long been part of an important breeding project for the Rothschild giraffe. The easiest way to distinguish a Rothschild's giraffe from the Masai and Reticulated giraffe is to look for the long cream socks - their markings only start above the kneecap!

The hour-long episode which airs tonight took 4 weeks to film, also features sisiter property Sasaab in the arid wilds of Samburu. The Safari Collection is deeply involved in providing health, education and conservation initiatives to the local Samburu communities from which Sasaab also employs the majority of its staff.

To find out more about Giraffe Manor click here.

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