New Rothschild's Giraffe calves at the ManorPublished: 15th March 2018

In the last thirty years, the number of giraffes across Africa has fallen by 40%. Recent research has shown that there are four different species of giraffe (Maasai, Reticulated, Southern Giraffe, Northern Giraffe). There are also distinct subspecies. All species and their subspecies live in geographically distinct areas throughout Africa.

The giraffes living at Giraffe Manor (Rothschild’s Giraffes) are a subspecies of the Northern Giraffe and are also known as Nubian Giraffe  - they are endangered - their populations having dropped by 80-90%. The current estimate is that only around 2500 Rothschild/Nubian Giraffe's survive in the wild in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda.

So you can imagine our delight when we saw the recent announcement by the Safari Collection (Giraffe Manor) about their latest arrivals!  Mothers, Betty, Kelly, Daisy and Stacey have all successfully welcomed new calves in the last 2 years. Mums and calves have been enjoying some peace and quiet while their little ones grow and thrive but now is the time to share the news with you all.

Betty is the oldest giraffe at the manor, born near Lake Nakuru in 2002. She was the matriach until 2015 when Kelly took over as the dominant female. Kelly has pefected the head butt so don't stand too close!

There are five beautiful new calves in total and four of these have now been officially named.  Jock, Waridi, Nandi and Olerai, the youngest calf born to Daisy in September 2017 - all the calves are doing well and if you're lucky enough to visit the Manor you might get a chance to spend some time with them.

The gestation of a giraffe is 15 months and the new born calf can be as tall as a full-grown man, weighing 150 pounds. The mother gives birth standing up.  In the wild, mothers are very protective and defend their little ones by delivering powerful kicks to hungry predators. Once the mother joins the herd again, some members will take care of her young while others look for food. Most females are already pregnant again while taking care of their offspring, so female giraffes will spend most of their lives caring for calves.

Giraffe Manor remains as popular as ever so please, if you would like to include this special place in your holiday to Kenya, remember to enquire early about availability! There are only 10 rooms! 

You can find out about Giraffe Manor here.



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