Real Africa Trust fosters three more Sheldrick orphansPublished: 15th March 2017

Over the years we have fostered a number of elephant orphans rescued and rehabilitated by the wonderful Sheldrick Trust. We've been lucky enough to be able to visit all the orphans we've fostered over the years, seeing them being cared for by the rangers at the Nairobi nursery. These include calm Arruba, naughty Kithaka and brave Alamaya. All three have now moved to Tsavo to begin their journey back to the wild - fantastic news. 

So today we decided to foster another trio - Jotto, Ambo and Esampu. We look forward to following their journeys from the Nairobi nursery back to the wild.

Both boys, Jotto and Ambo were born in January 2016. Jotto was discovered fallen down a well in the Namunyak Conservancy - he was around a month old. Ambo was around 4 months old when he was rescued from mud in Amboseli.  Esampu the female was born in February 2016. She was rescued at the age of 5 months but her story is unknown - she was very emaciated and all alone. She doesn't seem to get on too well with Ambo, preferring a mud bath with the other orphans, although Ambo and Jotto are great mates. Hopefully one of us can visit the orphans very soon!

If you would like to help make a #RealDifference, please visit the Sheldrick Trust fostering page and foster an orphan yourself. 

Alternatively you may like to support the Real World Store which raises money for a number of different projects, selling Tshirts and silver jewellery in aid of our conservation partners. 


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