Results of the 2018 Explorers Against Extinction CampaignPublished: 25th January 2019

On behalf of every client travelling with Real Africa we donate £25 per person to our charity, Explorers against Extinction. Explorers against Extinction is part of the Real World Conservation Trust (No 1177505) and organises fund-raising events like Sketch for Survival, an annual touring wildlife art exhibition as well as events to raise awareness about  species extinction - you can find out more on the charity pages.

Explorers against Extinction is all about connecting with 'everyday explorers' - you don't have to emulate Sir Ranulph Fiennes and travel to the ends of the earth, you just need to want to safeguard our willdife and wild spaces through responsible travel. 

The campaign was a huge success in 2018, meeting all its fund-raising targets.

The Sketch for Survival 2018 collection travelled around the UK and to snowy New York in the US, being seen by over 10,000 people at exhibition venues and countless more across press and social media. The collection sold via online auction for over £58,000.

These vital funds are already working hard on the frontline of conservation, funding:

 - A new anti-poaching canine unit for Garamba National Park, DRC. Six anti-poaching pups arrived in January to Garamba. We look following to sharing progress.
 - Essential kit for Sumatran Tiger Protection and Conservation Units - we have been able to fund equipment for forest edge community rangers helping to safeguard Sumatra's tigers.
 - Ongoing rehabilitation of orphaned elephants in the care of The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

To top off a wonderful conservation year where we saw mountain gorillas and giant pandas downgraded from 'critically endangered' to 'endangered', Explorers HQ received a lovely letter in the post just before Christmas. In it was a cheque for £2000 to Explorers against Extinction from Sir Paul McCartney.

Explorers against Extinction will return in 2019 - update coming soon!

Keep an eye on our conservation pages for more details!


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