Rwanda double the cost of Gorilla trekking permitPublished: 16th May 2017

The Rwanda Development Board has announced an increase in gorilla permits from $750 USD to $1500 USD. The permits allows a single trek within Volcanoes National Park to see the endangered mountain gorillas living there. It is estimated that around 900 mountain gorillas remain, with 20 habituated families living in Volcanoes NP. The Board says, "The price increase aims to strengthen conservation efforts and contribute more to the development of communities living around the Volcanoes National Park." Undoubtedly tourism is the biggest single source of income for gorilla conservation.

The increase is effective immediately for all new permit purchases. It is also possible to book an exclusive private guided tour to the gorillas for a fee of $15,000 USD - this will allow a one hour visit to one gorilla family. Tourists who visit other national parks in Rwanda (Nyungwe and Akagera) for a minimum of three days, in addition to gorilla trekking will receive a discount of 30%.

Over the last 12 years, more than 400 community projects have been completed including hospitals, schools, business development centers and water supply systems to facilitate access to clean water. These projects are part funded by the gorilla permits through a tourism revenue sharing scheme and directly benefit the people living around the parks.

There is currently no plan for Uganda to increase the cost of their gorilla permits from $600 USD. The Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority have committed to maintaining the cost of the gorilla permit at $600 for the next 12 months making gorilla trekking accessible to more people. However we are monitoring the situation and will update as necessary. 

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