Sudan - Last of the Rhinos - BBC2 9pm Wednesday 28 JunePublished: 26th June 2017

He was born in the wilds of Africa, captured and brought up in a European zoo, then shipped back to Africa with the fate of his entire species resting on his shoulders. Between the time of his capture and his journey to Kenya, the northern white rhino was completely wiped out in the wild. Now, as the last male in existence, Sudan has been the subject of art, news features, documentaries and global summits. His extraordinary story, and what it means for other endangered species, will be told in a BBC2 documentary, Sudan: The Last Of The Rhinos, on Wednesday 28th June at 9pm.

We had the pleasure of visiting Sudan at the not for profit Ol Pejeta Conservancy in May last year - you can read Sara's blog, Last Male Standing,  here. The visit made a big impact.

Ol Pejeta is a fabulous stop on any visit to Kenya. We like to combine it with the Masai Mara or Samburu, further north. The conservancy is home to more black rhino than anywhere else in Kenya and has all the Big Five. There are several options with regards to accommodation from the very comfortable and family friendly Serena Sweetwaters, which is situated on a water hole, to small tented camps like Kicheche Ol Pejeta. 

In addition to safari there are many conservation activities to enjoy from visiting Sudan and the Northern White Rhinos to meeting the anti-poaching dog squad. Ol Pejeta is where Animals saving Animals, one of the organisations we work closely with, trains it's dogs. Via our Explorers against Extinction campaign we have pledged a new search dog to the Ol Pejeta canine unit. 

Ol Pejeta also offers a chance to join the lion monitoring programme, identifying whisker patterns, and a horse riding excursion into the endangered species enclosure. 

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