Experiencing what nature has provided is what makes the world look more beautiful to us. There many species, both animals and plants, that every person would admire to see if given a chance. Some of these species can only be found in specific. You may have come across them while doing biology homework or intend to see some of them in the future.

Some of these animals’ species can only be traced in areas they originated. Here is a look at some African endemic animal species and where you can see them.


Hirola is one of the endangered antelope in the world. Its native origin is in northeast Kenya and southwest Somalia. Since it is highly endangered, the population of these antelopes in Somalia has come to extinction. They are only available in Kenya.

Hirola has a sandy-color coat that is slender. When male hirola ages, the coating turns grey. They have a unique adaptation to make them run faster from predators. The legs are very long, with a short neck. The only place you can find this species is in Arawale national reserve in Garissa county-Kenya.

The mountain bongo

This is one of the unique and spectacular antelopes in the world. It has its endemic in Kenya. The population of these species continues to reduce due to human encroachment, especially in the Mt. Kenya region. The mountain bongo has a habitat in the central Kenya forest.

The population of these antelopes in the world is still unknown. One of the few places you can find them is at the Mt. Kenya national park.

African civet

Africa civet has its origin in South Africa. They have got black spots all over their body, including the tail. In most cases, you will find these animals living in bushy areas. They don’t like staying in open areas.

The diets for civet are frogs, rodents, birds, and insects. A female civet becomes sexually active after one year, which means they breed at a very high rate. One place where you can find civet is at Kruger national park.

The hartebeest

These types of animals exist only in Africa. They live in open plain as well as grasslands. The reason why they live in grasslands is that they feed on herbivorous. Also, they have a life span of about 12=15 years.

Hartebeests have many predators ranging from cheetahs, lions, jackals, and leopards. Its estimated weight is between 165-440 pounds. As you can see, most every carnivorous prey on them. If you want to see them, you can visit Kruger national park in South Africa, Etosha national park in Namibia, and Moremi game reserve in Botswana.

African buffalo

African buffalo is mostly found in southern and east Africa. They have long horns that protect them from predators. Their main predators are lions and tigers. Most of these moves in large numbers to scare away their predators. You can see these buffalo at Kafue national park in Namibia. You can also find them in Luangwa national park.

Africa is truly a blessed content; it is the best place to spend your vacation. You can set a date and visit to see some of the above species.