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How to get the new Myanmar eVisa?

By 7th April 2021 No Comments

If you are interested in exploring the Asian culture, Myanmar is one of the best countries available out there to visit. Myanmar (or Burma), a Southeast Asian country of more than 100 different ethnic groups, borders China, Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand.

Millions of people from around the world come to Myanmar for its natural beauty, friendly people and shopping opportunities.

Yangon is the main town in Myanmar, a former commercial center on the east coast of the country. There are many places of interest in this old city including the Tha Phae School which is known for its collection of modern art, The National Museum that features a fine collection of arts and crafts, the Traditional Hall, The Tin Mine Museum, and many other.

Many tourists who visit Yangon do so to soak up the sun while enjoying a swim in one of the many beaches around town. Other activities include enjoying the waters of Lake Maungungo, hiking in the forest, boating, fishing and swimming.

Kayaking along the shores of the lake is also very popular. A number of tour companies offer tailor-made tours of Myanmar that include a visit to the region’s wildlife reserve.

Since tourism is thriving in this beautiful Asian country, its government has decided to introduce the eVisa system to further ease traveling there. Read on to learn all about the new Myanmar electronic visa and how can one obtain it online!


The Myanmar eVisa program

There is no need to go through a complicated visa application process before you come to Myanmar. That’s because you can find a convenient eVisa process. The Myanmar eVisa will provide assistance for all the tourists to get their entry permit for stays between 28 to 70 days.

You can apply for eVisa from the comfort of your home and get the necessary entry permit within just 72 hours. You will even be able to apply for Myanmar eVisa over the phone. Simply visit and submit the form within minutes!

A few years ago, you had to go through a time-consuming process to obtain a visa. Every applicant needed to fill in a paper application and visit the Myanmar embassy to submit it.

The traditional visas are now in the past, replaced by the convenient electronic entry permits! Spare just a few minutes to apply and a team of experts will take care of your permit while you relax and plan your journey.


How to apply for the Myanmar eVisa

There are only three simple steps that you should follow when you are trying to apply for eVisa to Myanmar.

Any person will be able to follow these three simple steps from home and get an eVisa. Here is an online application guide:

  • Fill in the application form

There is an online application available for all the people who want to obtain the Myanmar eVisa. Simply fill in the online form with your information and submit it. In the application, you should clearly mention the purpose of why you are planning to visit Myanmar. Moreover, you should also clearly explain the specific travel details and verify that all information is accurate.

  • Submit the application and cover the fees

Once you are done filling in the application, you can submit it. Next, choose any preferred method of online payment to cover the Myanmar eVisa fees. As soon as your payment registers, you will receive a confirmation number at your email address.

  • Wait for your eVisa to be delivered

After submitting the Myanmar eVisa application, you can expect your entry permit to receive it within just 72 hours. The average processing time is only around 21 hours! Therefore, most people can receive eVisa within just one day. However, it is still better if you can apply for it at least three business days before so that you will not have to deal with any surprises.

Once your Myanmar eVisa is approved and delivered to you, make sure to print the received PDF file. The email will contain your eVisa along with the information you included in the application.

Prepare the printed electronic visa and your valid passport upon arrival in Myanmar for the customs officials to check.

Final words 

Millions of tourists visit Myanmar each year and that number is constantly growing! The government of this Asian country has made it extremely easy for all visitors to cross the border.

Stay for 28 or even 70 in Myanmar with an eVisa that is obtainable 100% online! Use your phone, laptop, or any other device and spend just a few minutes to submit the application form.

As soon as traveling is safe and available again, ensure to make Myanmar your priority!