If you plan to travel to Africa, consider learning some basic Swahili phrases before you leave. With a few correct terms, you will find that people will be friendlier and more helpful wherever you go.

What Language Is Spoken In South Africa?

South Africa has eleven languages (official) and a multilingual population fluent in at least two languages.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Swahili is the widely spoken language and the general tongue of most East Africans (although not necessarily their first language). Swahili, along with the English language, is the official language in Kenya and Tanzania, and primary school students generally teach in Swahili. Many Ugandans know some Swahili, although it is rarely used outside of the capital, Kampala. Further, the official language of the Comoros Islands is generally classified as a Swahili dialect.

Tips to Learn Any Foreign Language

Our list of 8 quick tips for learning African languages will help you master the phrases you need in a short time.

  1. Learn The Correct Words

If you want to learn the Swahili language quickly, one of the best things you can do is determine the correct words. Think of the most valuable and essential words and phrases. These are usually the most common in conversation and the most beneficial in your travels.

  1. Set Goals Or Targets

One of the best ways to track and make progress is to set goals with any new struggle. So, it is especially true when learning a language quickly because it helps maintain motivation.

For example, the short-term goal of learning a foreign language is to learn ten new travel-related phrases in a week.

  1. Strength Is The Key To Your Success

To learn a foreign language quickly, you need to use all available tools and resources. It can be in the form of a language course or even an application.

Try to invest in an intensive study period to lay a real foundation for your foreign language.

  1. Make Technology Your Friend

Apps are a great way to speed up the process of language learning. Swahili language app or any useful app on the market provide multiple languages to make learning easy and understandable, all of which can be used on your mobile device.

  1. Regular Practice

Regular practice is essential for fast learning. Even if you decide to take an intensive course, you must continue to practice on your own time.

      6. Speak Out Loud

The words on the backing paper are helpful, but you also need to practice pronunciation. So, make sure your study time includes words spoken out loud so you can get used to how they feel in your mouth.

  1. Find A Partner

Learning with friends is more fun! Try to find a partner who also wants to learn a foreign language like Swahili because this will make the process more enjoyable. Also, it can help you learn faster because you can help each other in practice.

  1. Learn from the locals

Immerse yourself in the local life, as people mainly speak the African language you want to learn. It will leave you no choice but to return to your native language, and you will be surprised at how quickly you are learning through conversation.

Final Thoughts

So, download Swahili language app and take out the time to learn and use basic Swahili phrases before traveling to South Africa. It will allow you to establish a certain level of connection with the locals. It will provide you with some unique and excellent opportunities. In addition, you can make African friends and expand your circle from all over the world.